ABEL Grateful Dead 50th Anniversary Reel
ABEL Grateful Dead 50th Anniversary Reel

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ABEL Grateful Dead 50th Anniversary Reel

Item #: AB050

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7/8N Reel $1,130.00


ABEL GRATEFUL DEAD 50th ANNIVERSARY FLY REELS - The 3rd and final design in Abel's collectable Grateful Dead series of reels celebrates the 50 year logo for the iconic band that was established in 1965. This unique combination of a machined, and hand painted anodized graphic is limited to only 500 total reels. Last one available. (Super 7/8N $1130)

ABEL SAYS: The 50th anniversary logo for the Grateful Dead is by the far the most sophisticated graphic we've ever accomplished on our reels. The intricate skull, roses, and EST. 1965 banner are precision milled .020" into the reel frame before partially filled with a proprietary epoxy paint resulting in a stunning image that you can both see and feel. The additional details are meticulously painted by hand with an anodized finish that not only looks great on display in your home or office, but can be confidently fished in a fresh or saltwater environment without damaging the reel. The spool of the reel is then finished off with a gold anodized handle to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Grateful Dead.


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