feather-craft Accelerator Fly Casting Trainer
feather-craft Accelerator Fly Casting Trainer

Accelerator Fly Casting Trainer

Item #: HS101

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"ACCELERATOR" FLY CASTING TRAINER - I've been teaching fly casting for almost 30-years, this is the best fly casting training tool that I've ever seen (Bob Story). Developed and built one at a time by Certified Master Fly Casting Instructor, Floyd Dean, the Accelerator teaches fly casting students of all skill levels the muscle memory of a perfect fly casting stroke. Teaches you the proper timing (adjustable for short and long casts), double-haul and roll casts with audible "clicks". Learn to track the fly rod in a straight line and make the proper "stops" on the front and rear strokes to release all of the rods energy at once, creating higher line speed and tighter loops. PRACTICE ANYWHERE indoors or out. The Accelerator builds solid technique that will allow you to move through the building blocks of beginning through advanced fly casting skills. Many customers are reporting that they are also using the Accelerator to learn to cast with their non-dominant Hand! Huge "angle" advantages in tight spots when you can cast with either hand.


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