Advanced Tactics For Emergers & Dries DVD
Advanced Tactics For Emergers & Dries DVD

Advanced Tactics For Emergers & Dries DVD

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"ADVANCED TACTICS FOR EMERGERS & DRIES" with Rick Hafele & john Smeraglio - If you've ever felt frustrated by rising trout and weren't sure what do, Rick and John will give you some answers. Fishing dry flies to surface feeding trout truly captures the excitement and heart of fly fishing, and this DVD is all about how to prepare for these special moments. Good hatches and rising trout, however, are not something you can count on, and when they do happen they may not last more than 30 minutes. Thus, you better be ready when you see trout noses breaking the surface. Whether you're new to fly fishing or an old timer, Rick Hafele and John Smeraglio will guide you through the in's and out's and up's and downs of fishing when trout are at their most selective, most exciting, and often most frustrating - when they are taking emergers and dries! INCLUDES: Emergence behavior of mayflies, stoneflies, caddisflies, and midges. Patterns for fishing the surface & subsurface. Tactics for key stages of major insect types. Presentation methods and tackle for picky trout. How to select the right pattern. 2 DVD SET with OVER 100-MINUTES OF INSTRUCTION.


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