HMG Fly Systems Kit
HMG Fly Systems Kit

HMG Fly Systems Kit

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HMG FLY SYSTEMS KIT - Fly tying pioneer Joe Nicklo has created a complete kit to tye his super-popular, signature HMG Flies that we've been offering in our catalogs for years. The HMG FLY SYSTEMS KIT includes the Applicator Tool, Custom Applicator Tool Holder, an assortment of Glue Stick colors to tye 400 to 500 flies, PLUS two DVDs containing step-by-step instructional videos for 15 individual HMG Fly Systems patterns. See the video medley of 50 + HMG patterns (below). Spend fifty percent less time at the vise... on some patterns. HMG Fly Systems has developed a process using hot melt glue as a tying material having many advantages and benefits not seen in other available competing materials. Unlike some UV and epoxy products including several other fly tying materials hot melt glue is extremely durable and has superior qualities. In addition, the applications for hot melt glue are infinite and only limited by the tier's degree of creativity. This is evident as seen by the following list of the many benefits hot melt glue has to offer to the fly tier.

* Available in many colors.

* Like paint colors can be blended to obtain a desired color.

* It can be shaped and segmented.

* It is extremely durable.

* Can be repaired.

* Cures in seconds, no sticky residue.

* No need for a UV light or turning motor.

* Can be fished immediately.

* Eliminates weaving materials

* Replaces some dubbing materials and applications.

* Makes wing cases and shell backs.

* Great for scuds and sow bugs.

* Use it to make extended body flies.

* Makes streamer bodies, heads and eyes.

* Makes beads and bead heads

* Ideal for nymph and midge applications.

* Colors can be mixed and faded on the hook

* Does not yellow like epoxy or some UV products.

* Reduces tying time, some patterns as much as 50%.

* Inexpensive compared to other materials.


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