HMH HMH Standard Rotary Vise
HMH HMH Standard Rotary Vise

HMH Standard Rotary Vise

Item #: HV101

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C-Clamp $310.00
Pedestal Base $310.00


HMH STANDARD ROTARY VISE - The HMH Standard vise is an updated original HMH full size Vise with improved chassis/bearing system for better collet support, better rotation, and infinite head angle adjustment. The adjustable head allows you to tilt it up at an angle to tye traditionally with full-rotary action, or rotate the head to the horizontal position to tye 360-degree TRUE-ROTARY style. Ultra-smooth with rotary tension adjustment. All parts are precision-machined and carefully finished using top-quality stainless and tool steels and brass. Each vise is individually hand fitted and tuned for maximum performance. Double material spring clip, bobbin holder and neoprene vise pouch included. Quick change, hardened tool steel OMNI JAWS have fantastic hook holding power over a wide range (2/0 thru 20). Large, Comfort-Grip Locking Cam Lever. Lifetime Guaranteed. Specify C-Clamp or Ped-Base.


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