Ice Dub "Minnow Back" Shimmer Fringe
Ice Dub

Ice Dub "Minnow Back" Shimmer Fringe

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Chartreuse/Peacock $4.95
Pink/Bronze $4.95
Shell Pink/Hot Pink $4.95
Pearl/Bronze/Herring $4.95
Pearl/Peacock $4.95


ICE DUB MINNOW-BACK SHIMMER FRINGE - TWO & THREE COLOR LAYERS of un-chopped Ice Dub (super-fine mylar) are attached at one end by an adhesive ribbon. Make a killer minnow pattern in seconds. Simply cut off the desired amount of material and tye it in at the hook-eye facing forward, tying in the lighter-color side (belly) facing up. Next, tye in barbell eyes as normal, then pull SHIMMER FRINGE material backwards, over and around the eyes and finish the head. It doesn't get any easier than that. COLORS: (1)Chartreuse/Peacock, (2)Shell-Pink/Hot Pink, (3)Yellow/Pearl/Chartreuse, (4)Hot-Pink/Purple, (5)Pearl/Bronze/Herring, (6)Pearl/UV-Dk-Blue, (7)Pearl/Gray/Bronze, (8)Pearl/Olive/UV-Blue, (9)Pearl/Peacock, (11)Pink/Bronze


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