Strippin' for Stripers (Video)
Strippin' for Stripers (Video)

Strippin' for Stripers (Video)

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Strippin' For Stripers Strippin' for Stripers is an instructional DVD by Dave Howard. This video covers fly fishing for striped bass in flowing rivers. Filmed on the American River in Northern California, various fly fishing guides demonstrate the proper techniques required to consitently hook these aggressive, line-sided gamefish. This informative DVD covers casting, mending, equipment and flies. You float along on the river while learning how to locate productive striper holding areas and how to efficiently position the boat to present a fly to them. The fishing segments are loaded with rod bending action, hooking both adult and schoolie stripers. While this video was shot on the American River in California, the information contained in it is universal. You can apply these flies and techniques to ANY flowing body of water and enjoy some fast action for stripers on the fly.


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