KELLY GALLOUP "High Stick Drifter" Fly Rods

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KELLY GALLOUP "High Stick Drifter" Fly Rods

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KELLY GALLOUP "HIGH STICK DRIFTER" FLY RODS by ST. CROIX With the huge popularity and success of his BANK ROBBER fly rods, Kelly is back with a new specialty rod series designed specifically for today's advanced nymph fishing methods (Czech, Polish, French, etc). These rods have incredible balance. The unique lightweight "tip" reduces angler fatigue when the rod is held high for long periods of time, while emphasizing sensitivity for the best possible strike detection. The materials used in the construction of these rods, from the new 3M Matrix Resin and super-high modulus SCVI graphite fibers right down to the components, are identical to what went into making Kelly's BANK ROBBER Series a huge success. All of Kelly's rods are hand crafted in Park Falls, Wisconsin. Cordura case included. Lifetime Warranty.


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