lamson LAMSON Liquid Fly Reels
lamson LAMSON Liquid Fly Reels

LAMSON Liquid Fly Reels

Item #: LA095

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$45.99 - $199.99 45.99 199.99
quantity Option your price
LQ 1.5 Reel $99.99
LQ 1.5 3-Pak Set $159.99
LQ 2 Reel $99.99
LQ 2 3-Pak Set $159.99
LQ 3.5 Reel $109.99
LQ 3.5 3-Pak Set $169.99
LQ 4 Reel $129.99
LQ 4 3-Pak Set $199.99
LQ 1.5 X-Spool $45.99
LQ 2 X-Spool $45.99
LQ 3.5 X-Spool $50.99
LQ 4 X-Spool $60.99


LAMSON LIQUID LARGE ARBOR FLY REELS - AMAZING VALUE HERE in a reel that sports the standard LAMSON Conical Disc Drag System found in their highest priced reels. The frames and spools are pressure-cast and then machined in key areas amplifying the best aspects of each building process, including full radiused compound curves, near zero-radius inside corners, and components critical to the drag system are CNC-machined here in the USA. GREAT QUALITY & VALUE! All LIQUID reels are assembled in Boise, Idaho alongside LAMSON's highest priced reels. Lifetime Warranty. Reels and spools are available to purchase individually, or in 3-PAK SETS for even bigger value, see below. NOTE: LIQUID Reels come all Black, but optional anodized aluminum sleeves (3 colors) are available that fit over the center drag housing if you'd like to customize your reel (our item LA097).


LIQUID REEL 3-PAK SETS include one complete Liquid reel with two extra spools in a custom made carry case.




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