Learning From The Water
Learning From The Water

Learning From The Water

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'LEARNING FROM THE WATER' - Fishing Tactics and Fly Designs for the Toughest Trout by Rene Harrop. World renowned fly tyer/fly fisher Rene Harrop records lessons learned from years fishing the world's toughest trout water. His home water, the Henry's Fork, is one of the most challenging spring creeks in the world. Over his lifetime, Rene has developed legendary techniques and flies to meet the challenge. Here he shares his wisdom on the importance of insect stages, the flies for a successful fly box, and how to plan and prepare for a trip to unfamiliar water. Chapters on midges, caddis, Flavs, Callibaetis, Tricos, PMD's hoppers, beetles, aquatic wasps, and Baetis give solid inside information on each of these important insects as well as the patterns Rene uses to imitate them, patterns that will inspire fly tyers the world over. Includes 90 fly patterns that will work everywhere. Hardbound, 8 1/2" x 11", 224-pages, 288 color photos.


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