Lite Brite Dubbing
Lite Brite Dubbing

Lite Brite Dubbing

Item #: TM017

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$2.50 $ 2.50
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Pearl/Blue Flash $2.50
Pearl/Gold Flash $2.50
Copper $2.50
River Green $2.50
Black $2.50
Bronze Brown $2.50
Dark Olive $2.50
Purple Haze $2.50
Chartreuse $2.50
Ruby Red $2.50
Minnow Blue $2.50
Burgundy $2.50
Rainbow $2.50
Bronze Peacock $2.50
Hares Ear $2.50
Peacock Herl $2.50
Holographic Silver $2.50
Hot Lime $2.50
Hot Coral $2.50
Baitfish $2.50
Shimmering Chartreuse $2.50
Black Pearl $2.50
Salmon Pink $2.50
Gunmetal $2.50
Peach $2.50
Sand Shrimp $2.50
Golden Olive $2.50
Ocean Blue $2.50
Brite Yellow $2.50
Pearl/Green Flash $2.50
Silver $2.50
Fire Fox Peacock $2.50
Gold $2.50


"LITE-BRITE" DUBBING/STREAMER MATERIAL Bright, very-fine Flashabou-"type" dubbing and streamer material. LOOK: Tye a clump in, and tease it out to build a beautiful Clouser-type minnow "wing". Or, it can be dubbed directly onto the thread. Or blended with other dubbing for "sparkly" bodies and thoraxes. COLORS: (1)Pearl/Blue-Flash, (2)Burgundy, (3)Salmon-Pink, (4)Ocean-Blue, (5)Brite-Yellow, (6)Pearl/Green-Flash, (7)Silver, (8)Fire-Fox-Peacock, (9)Gold, (10)Polar-Pearl/Gold-Flash, (11)Copper, (12)River-Green, (13)Black, (14)Bronze-Brown, (15)Dk-Olive, (16)Purple-Haze, (17)Chartreuse, (18)Ruby-Red, (19)Minnow-Blue, (20)Rainbow, (21)Bronze-Peacock, (22)Hares-Ear, (23)Peacock-Herl, (24)Holographic-Silver, (25)Hot-Lime, (26)Hot-Coral, (27)Baitfish, (28)Shimmering-Chartreuse, (29)Blk-Pearl, (30)Gunmetal, (31)Peach, (32)Sand-Shrimp, (33)Golden-Olive $2.50/PAK OR Any 5-PAKS $10.95 NOTE: When taking advantage of our 5-PAK SPECIAL, we will apply the discount when we bill your order. Our shopping cart will not show the discount.


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