nalgene NALGENE Flask
nalgene NALGENE Flask


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NALGENE FLASK - It weighs near nothing. Take it out of its Polycarbonate insulating-sleeve, and it weighs less than nothing. The screw-on lid is the NALGENE Valve-Seal leak proof seal. Look again. There is a pressure fitted 1-ounce jigger on top of the lid, in case you want to carry a mixed-drink in the flask. With the lid closed, just pull off the jigger, to mix a blend. Then the insulating-sleeve becomes a narrow cup for your pal, when you have a sun downer, before turning in. Remember, most metal flasks deteriorate from the inside if you carry alcohol in them. Unless we are alone or with somebody, me and my fishing pals don't drink. Bill won't even eat rum cake. So we pour water or a soft drink in this flask. AND LOOK, for a long wade down the river, I pour in one of those food drinks like Nutriment, and than I add some water. I shove the flask in a pocket. The flask is narrow 1-1/4 wide by 6 long, and will hold up to 12-ounces if needed. Nipping on my balanced food-drink with water(for hydration) takes me right on through lunch plus the afternoon. I don't even carry the insulating sleeve. And with every drink, the flask gets lighter, and I don't get hungry(till we stop for dinner on the way home) It will be one of your key take along items wherever you go, you'll see.


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