orvis ORVIS Beginner's Guide To Carp Flies
orvis ORVIS Beginner's Guide To Carp Flies

ORVIS Beginner's Guide To Carp Flies

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NEW BOOK! THE ORVIS BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO CARP FLIES by Dan Frasier. Carp are found across much of North America, are fun to fish to, and for many anglers are more accessible than trout. Even the savviest angler can be tempted by carp's unique appearance, large size, and shallow-water ways, only to quickly learn the fish are far more selective than first imagined. Frasier teaches the diet basics of carp that will help you to select the correct fly per situation and have more success stalking these 'Golden Bonefish'. Enjoy 101 patterns, each thoroughly described and well-illustrated. Proper presentation, carp habits, and detailed tips to help bring success. Softbound, 6" x 9", full-color, 160 pgs.


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