outcast OUTCAST Fish Cat Streamer - IR
outcast OUTCAST Fish Cat Streamer - IR

OUTCAST Fish Cat Streamer - IR

Item #: UA008

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OUTCAST FISH CAT STREAMER - IR - The Streamer IR's short length and compact size make this boat great for making the transition from a float tube to a pontoon boat. The pontoons were redesigned for easier maneuvering with fins or oars. The 6 piece steel frame now includes an anchor system/motor mount and is more ergonomic. 6' aluminum breakdown oars, a mesh cargo deck, and adjustable foot bars round out the features of this entry level fishing machine. Actual shipping charges apply. Color is Orange.


Inflated Size: 54" x 8'

Weight: 63 lbs.

Frame: 6-pc Steel

Air Cell Type: Vinyl

Load Capacity: 300 lbs.

Seams: Sewn

Warranty: 5 Year

Fabric Denier: 500 PVC, 500 PVC


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