wapsi PRISMACOLOR Double Ended Markers
wapsi PRISMACOLOR Double Ended Markers

PRISMACOLOR Double Ended Markers

Item #: TQ001

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Crimson Red $5.95
Light Tan $5.95
Cool Grey $5.95
Bronze $5.95
French Grey $5.95
Dk Purple $5.95
Metallic Silver $5.95
Metallic Gold $5.95
Black $5.95
Pink $5.95
Orange $5.95
Yellow $5.95
Chartreuse $5.95
Olive Green $5.95
Dark Green $5.95
Ultra Marine $5.95
Dark Marine $5.95


PRISMACOLOR "DOUBLE-ENDED" PERMANENT MARKERS are the best for coloring (dying) foam bodied flys & foam poppers, PLUS feathers & furs right at the bench. One end has a wide-tip for general use, the other is a fine-tip for marking (barring) feathers, or drawing gills, eyes and other details on foam poppers and sliders. Used to dye the wool on our F-C Woolhead Sculpin, the "shell-back" on Bill Miller's Crayfish, saddle hackles and more. COLORS: (1)Crimson-Red, (2)Pink, (3)Orange, (4)Yellow, (5)Chartreuse, (6)Olive-Green, (7)Dk-Green, (8)Ultra-Marine, (9)Dk-Brown, (10)Lt-Tan, (11)Cool-Grey, (12)Bronze, (13)French-Grey, (14)Dk-Purple, (15)Metallic-Silver, (16)Metallic-Gold, (17)Black NOTE: Metallic-Gold & Metallic-Silver have one end (the fat one).


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