Reading Trout Water
Reading Trout Water

Reading Trout Water

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REVISED! "READING TROUT WATER" by Dave Hughes. Teaches everything you need to know about trout stream structure, trout foods, and trout lies so that you can better utilize your time on the water by focusing on the area's most likely to hold trout. Covers the needs of trout, and the ways in which trout water meets those needs, thereby dictating where you'll find them in abundance. Covers the kinds of trout lies: holding lies, feeding lies, prime lies, and perhaps most important, the types of water that are usually empty of trout, where you don't want to waste your time fishing. Breaks down and instructs how to read and fish riffles, runs, pools, pocket water, and bank lies in freestone streams, meadow streams, spring creeks, tailwaters, plus creeks, streams, small and large rivers. Softbound, 5 1/2" x 8 1/4", 312-pages.


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