regal REGAL Fly Tying Smart Daylight Lamp
regal REGAL Fly Tying Smart Daylight Lamp

REGAL Fly Tying Smart Daylight Lamp

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REGAL "FLY TYING SMART DAYLIGHT LAMP" - Provides the ultimate in-home or travel lighting for fly tyers. BRINGS DAYLIGHT INDOORS. NATURAL DAYLIGHT LED's put out light in your choice of three color temperatures, cool, warm and full natural daylight WITH NO HEAT & NO GLARE! Replicates natural daylight providing a sharper image with less eye fatigue over a long period of tying PLUS lets you see the materials in their TRUE COLORS, as they appear in natural light. Lightweight, and folds down compact for travel. Adjustable height with easy-twist shade for perfect positioning over any vise. Five step dimmer. USB compatible, USB cable and power adaptor included.


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