Rod & Reel Protector
Rod & Reel Protector

Rod & Reel Protector

Item #: WF075

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ROD & REEL PROTECTOR is a very simple but clever device for protecting your rod and reel while traveling between fishing spots WITHOUT HAVING TO REMOVE THE RIGGING. Simply break your rod into two pieces at the center ferrule. Align the two bottom sections. Fit the larger neoprene pouch over the two rod sections, reel and handle at the bottom of the rod. Next, place the smaller neoprene pouch over the two top sections. The two pouches are joined by an adjustable length bungee to accommodate any rod length, and keeping slight tension to hold the whole operation together. Now your fully rigged rod and reel can fit safely in the back of an SUV or truck of car. MEDIUM $12.95 LARGE $14.95


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