sage SAGE 'ONE' Trout Spey Fly Rod
sage SAGE  'ONE' Trout Spey Fly Rod

SAGE 'ONE' Trout Spey Fly Rod

Item #: SG134

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$450.00 - $1,050.00 450.00 1050.00


SAGE ONE 'TROUT SPEY' RODS are designed specifically for two-handed casting and swinging flies for trout. These ultra-light Spey rods are delicate enough to protect small flies on light tippets yet powerful enough to cast modestly weighted streamers on light sink tips. For steelhead and salmon anglers, these trout spey rods are a tool to keep casting in shape in the offseason. For the trout angler, the rods are another specialized tool to target trout and a great entry into the fun world of two-handed fishing. Konnetic Technology, fast-action blanks are Black Ice color, Golden-Bronze anodized aluminum down-locking reel seat with Super Plus cork mini-Spey fore and rear grips. Cloth bag and aluminum rod tube included. Sage unconditional lifetime warranty.

RECOMMENDED LINES: 2wt = 200gr, 3wt = 250gr. Use the RIO Skagit Max Short Shooting Heads and RIO's 25-lb Powerflex Shooting Line; paired with RIO's Versi-Leaders or MOW Tips.


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