Signature Intruder Plumes
Signature Intruder Plumes

Signature Intruder Plumes

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SIGNATURE INTRUDER PLUMES by Jerry French and Ed Ward of Olympic Peninsula Skagit Tactics (OPST). Jerry and Ed have discovered the perfect intruder plume called a drab, smaller than a standard size ostrich plume. These feathers are perfectly sized for intruders and other steelhead flies. The tips of the drabs are thin stemmed and can be palmer-wrapped as hackle; the mid and lower sections of the feather will work beautifully in a dubbing loop. Each feather is hand selected for the highest quality, dyed to eleven popular steelhead and streamer colors, and then barred black to create that illusion of life-like movement in the water. THESE ARE THE BEST! COLORS: (1)White, (2)Pink, (3)Hot-Pink, (4)Blue, (5)Pale-Orange, (6)Orange, (7)Purple, (8)Royal/Dk-Purple, (9)Green, (10)Yellow-Green, (11)Brown (two feathers per pak)


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