simms SIMMS Deceiver Shirt
simms SIMMS Deceiver Shirt

SIMMS Deceiver Shirt

Item #: LX362

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30% OFF SIMMS DECEIVER SHIRT – 100% Cotton Chambray construction with air-enhanced architecture. On the water performance is powered by UPF20 cotton comfort. Fly box ready chest pockets combined with hidden, mesh-backed Velcro pockets provide ample storage options. Sunglass cleaning chamois built-in to the inside of the lower hem (nice!). Roll up sleeve button retainers. Vented mesh-lined back panel that wicks moisture while promoting airflow. Weight: 10-oz. COLORS: (1)Ash, (2)Lt-Blue in SIZES: S(chest 36"-38"), M(39-41), L(42-44), XL(46-48), XXL(49-51).

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