solarez SOLAREZ 12-Watt UV Light Bulb
solarez SOLAREZ 12-Watt UV Light Bulb

SOLAREZ 12-Watt UV Light Bulb

Item #: SV106

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CLOSEOUT 40% OFF! SOLAREZ 12-WATT UV LIGHT BULB - Composed of 3 x 4 watt state-of-the-art SMD 385nm UV chips mounted in an extreme-duty, machined-aluminum body. Screws into any standard incandescent light bulb socket. Cool operating, safe to use. Capable of completely curing areas of up to 9 square inches. This lamp has over driven circuits for power and is not designed for continuous use. Do not operate for more than 5 consecutive minutes. Allow for a cool-down period of 5 minutes between working. REG $54.95 NOW $32.97


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