scientific anglers SONAR UNIFORM SINK Fly Line
scientific anglers SONAR UNIFORM SINK Fly Line


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CLOSEOUT 40% OFF! SONAR "UNIFORM SINK" Fly Lines - These Graduated Density Full-Sinking lines guarantee a straight line connection to the fly and fish. The front of the line sinks just slightly faster than the rear. Perfect for both moving water and stillwater situations. I personally carry the Type-4 everywhere I go (Bob). SPECIFY SINK RATE: (SINK-2, 1.75-2.75ips, Blue/Blue head), (SINK-3, 2.5-3.5ips, Dk-Blue/Blue head), (SINK-4, 4-5ips, Dk-Grey/Blue head), (SINK-5, 4.5-6.0ips, Black/Blue head). SIZES: WF5S thru WF7S. REG $79.95 NOW $47.97

NOTE: These lines do not have factory loops. We can install mono loops on one or both ends at your request, NO CHARGE. Just ask for it by phone, or put it in the 'comments' section when you check out online.

Sinking lines often save the day. Drive 3 hours and more, only to find the stream up and a bit off color. The fish are there. Get down in their face with a fast-sink Sinking Tip or Full Sinking, "Graduated Density" line. Front section sinks just a bit faster than the rear, holding the tippet and fly in a straight-line to the fish. TWO RIGGING METHOD: Use one of our short, FURLED 'POWER STREAMER' FLUOROCARBON LEADERS (item GC021) with built-in NO TWIST swivel. Run 2-3 feet of 4X tippet off the loop in the end of it. Fish all of your favorite streamers, and don't forget to "skip" a size 8-10 Crackleback... just deadly.


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