TACKY Dry Fly Box
TACKY Dry Fly Box

TACKY Dry Fly Box

Item #: HG256

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Winner: Best Fly Storage, 2016 International Fly Tackle Dealer Show

TACKY DRY FLY BOX is the latest in the Tacky lineup and it is designed to finally solve the issue of smashed hackle. If you fish dry flies you know exactly what we're talking about, whether it's the hackle or the flies with downward facing tails, all the slotted boxes out there will smash them. The Dry Fly box has a specifically designed insert with empty space in all the right places. These empty spaces give plenty of space for the hackle while still boasting all the same holding and anchoring strength and reliability as the other Tacky boxes. The box itself is the same size as the Big Bug Box, giving plenty of head room assuring that hackles have all the space they need, while holding an impressive 199 flies.


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