TACKY Hopper/Dropper Fly Box
TACKY Hopper/Dropper Fly Box

TACKY Hopper/Dropper Fly Box

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TACKY HOPPER/DROPPER FLY BOX – Perfect box to organize flies for dropper fishing. One side has the original TACKY silicone mat for small nymphs and dries, the other side has the Big Bug silicone mat for hoppers, streamers and other large patterns. Holds 240 flies total. (3.75” x 7” x 1.25”)

TACKY and ORVIS have combined powers to create two new hybrid fly box offering high-volume, low-profile and super durability. These silicone inserts have little to no memory (unlike foam inserts) so they won't wear out or become stretched over time. Flies are held securely in place for the lifetime of the box as "slots" heal themselves as soon as fly is pulled out. Fast and easy to load. These boxes basically double the capacity of the original TACKY Fly Boxes by having two sides. Polycarbonate boxes have a slim profile, won’t warp, and take up less space in your vest or pack. Secure, latch free magnetic closure for super-smooth operation.


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