The Complete Cast
The Complete Cast

The Complete Cast

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"THE COMPLETE CAST" - APPLYING PRINCIPLES TO FRESH & SALTWATER FLY CASTING by Lefty Kreh and Ed Jaworowski. The tackle used and the manner of delivering an artificial lure to gamefish separates fly fishing from every other fishing method. Legendary fishermen Lefty Kreh and Ed Jaworowski will demonstrate, explain, and teach the elements common to all casts with a single-handed rod. HERE'S WHAT YOU GET: Over 25 Casts & Techniques, in-depth instruction of principles-based casting fundamentals, helpful tips & techniques that are simple and easy to apply, practice tutorials & exercises that improve your casting, and analysis of the tailing loop and how to remedy. Comes with one standard DVD and one Blue-Ray DVD to match your machine.


1. An Introduction to Fly Casting

2. The Four Key Principles of Fly Casting

3. The "Critical Angle"

4. Getting Started

5. Types of Casts Every Angler Should Know

6. The "Tailing Loop" (Cause & Cure)

7. Beyond the Basics

8. Adapting to Windy Conditions

9. Fly Casting with Weight

10. The Art of the Retrieve

11. Practice Techniques & Exercises

12. Helpful Tips

13. Appling what you've learned


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