The Magic Head
The Magic Head

The Magic Head

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X-Small hook sizes 12-18) $5.95
X-Large (hook sizes 6/0-1) $5.95


MAGIC HEADS by Marc Petitjean will change the way you fish and the way fish react to your flies. With the Magic Head in the back position, it allows you to fish your pattern with the normal up and down streamer head action, but flip the head forward, it will give your pattern a SIDE-TO-SIDE lifelike fish catching action that you won't believe until you see it. Any streamer pattern comes to life like never before. SIZES: (X-SMALL fits sizes: 18-12), (SMALL fits sizes: 16-12), (MEDIUM fits sizes: 12-6), (LARGE fits sizes: 4-2/0), (X-LARGE fits sizes: 1-5/0) (6-PAK, except Size XL = 4-pak)


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