Tube Bodiz - Hopper
Tube Bodiz - Hopper

Tube Bodiz - Hopper

Item #: TB074

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$5.95 $ 5.95
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Dirty Brown $5.95
Olive $5.95
Meadow Yellow $5.95
Tan $5.95
Buckwheat Amber $5.95
Electric Grass $5.95


TUBE BODIZ: HOPPER Fits size 6-12 hooks. COLORS: (1)Dirty-Brown, (2)Olive, (3)Meadow-Yellow, (4)Tan, (5)Buckwheat-Amber, (6)Electric-Grass 12-pak

TUBE BODIZ Revolutionary in designing flies. They've proven their fish-catching capabilities around the world, easily mimicing the proper body profile and surface impressions of the primary insect groups that sustain wild trout. Quick & easy to tye with, and appeal to the wariest trout.


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