tuffleye TUFFLEYE 10cc Finish
tuffleye TUFFLEYE 10cc Finish

TUFFLEYE 10cc Finish

Item #: TZ017

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TUFFLEYE FINISH 10cc - TUFFLEYE "CORE" light cures in 10-20 seconds using TUFFLEYE High-Intensity LED Curing Light, a bit longer in sunlight. "Core" is a clear, thick substance that won't drip, and can be shaped with the applicator nozzle or a brush. Dries very hard with a slightly tacky surface and you can build it up with additional coats. Tacky surface wipes smooth with rubbing alcohol or Acetone (fingernail polish remover). Use "Core" alone, or coat with Tuffleye "FINISH" (which is slightly thinner) to produce a smoother, surface or on smaller patterns. I use HARD AS HULL as a final finish coat. Syringe with applicator tip.


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