Tyewheel Tyewheel Complete Set
Tyewheel Tyewheel Complete Set

Tyewheel Complete Set

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TYWHEEL - COMPLETE SET - The TYWHEEL provides a magnetic work surface that puts your tools, hooks, spools and materials conveniently in front of you. Made from a tough, lightweight material with powerful magnets built-in. The magnets hold the TyWheel attachments to the Wheel, as well as providing a magnetic surface for hooks and tools. Fits all standard 3/8" vise shafts. Your vise is instantly converted into an at-home, or portable fly tying machine you can easily stow and take with you on your trip to the river. Includes the Wheel with all four modular attachments for Tools, Spools, Materials and Trash. Everything you need. Dimensions: Product in travel box 8" wide x 5" tall.


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