Wapsi Superfine Dubbing
Wapsi Superfine Dubbing

Wapsi Superfine Dubbing

Item #: TM002

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$1.36 - $1.95 1.36 1.95
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Blue Dun $1.95
Pale Evening Dun $1.95
Hendrickson Pink $1.95
Blue Wing Olive $1.95
Pale Yellow $1.95
Dark Tan $1.95
Tan $1.95
Rusty Brown $1.95
Caddis Green $1.95
Gray Olive $1.95
Cinnamon Caddis $1.95
Mahogany Brown $1.95
Sulphur Orange $1.95
Pale Morning Dun $1.95
Golden Olive $1.95
Callibaetis $1.95
Fl Chartreuse $1.95
White $1.95
March Brown $1.95
Sulphur Yellow $1.95
Green Drake $1.95
Brown $1.95
Damsel Blue $1.95
Yellow $1.95
Bright Green $1.95
FI Orange $1.95
Red $1.95
Olive $1.95
Brown $1.95
Light Cahill $1.95
Black $1.95
Amber $1.95
Adams Gray $1.95


WAPSI "SUPER FINE" DRY FLY DUBBING - The best synthetic DRY FLY DUBBING MATERIAL. Veery-fine texture. Natural translucency. Grabs the thread for easy pinch-dubbing down to size-28. Permanently waterproof. COLORS: (1)Blue-Dun, (2)Mahogany-Brown, (3)Brown, (4)Olive, (5)Brown-Olive, (6)Lt-Cahill, (7)Black, (8)Amber, (9)Adams-Gray, (10)Pale-Evening-Dun, (11)Hendrickson-Pink, (12)Blue-Wing-Olive, (13)Pale-Yellow, (14)Dk-Tan, (15)Tan, (16)Rusty-Brown, (17)Caddis-Green, (18)Gray-Olive (19)Cinnamon-Caddis, (20)Sulphur-Orange, (21)Pale-Morning-Dun, (22)Golden-Olive, (23)Callibaetis, (24)Fl-Chartreuse, (25)White, (26)March-Brown, (27)Sulphur-Yellow, (28)Green-Drake, (29)Red-Midge, (30)Damsel-Blue, (31)Yellow, (32)Bright-Green, (33)Fl-Orange, (34)Red $1.95/Pak OR Any 5-Paks for $8.95 NOTE: 5-PAK Discount will show as a PROMO DISCOUNT at checkout


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