Casting Aides

Item # HS001

EGGGSERCIZER: SORE CASTING ARMS CAN BE PREVENTED (or cured)!Tennis-Elbow is no laughing matter. It can be prevented using this "EGGGSERCIZER". Fact is, in 3-days you can have a stronger grip. In 7-days you can crush a rod-grip (if you wanted to). You won't believe how fast this egg-shaped thing works. Complete instructions included. Endorsed by surgeons, therapists and trainers. Use it at the office or while driving for near instant forearm and hand-grip strength. If you're fishing a 7-wt or larger rod, it's a must. You saw it on ABC's 20/20 and THE TODAY SHOW.

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Loop Master
Item # HS002

IMPROVED! "LOOP MASTER" forces the fly caster to stop his or her casting stroke at the proper position on both the front and back casts, and quickly helps to create a tight, powerful casting loop for improved distance and accuracy. Learn to let the rod do the work, and you'll be casting further, and with less effort than you thought possible. BENEFITS INCLUDE: Develop the correct muscle memory. Solve tailing loop problems. Learn to drive a tight forward loop. Improve line control. Can be used while fishing. Fits any rod. Light and unobtrusive. Adjustable for small or large wrists, and Left or Right Hand casters. Instructional DVD included.
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Tfo Lefty Kreh "OFFICE ROD"
Item # HS100

NEW! TFO LEFTY KREH "OFFICE ROD" - The first yarn-type practice rod that really feels like you're casting a fly rod! You can make virtually any cast with the OFFICE ROD that you can make with a fly rod, including standard overhead and roll casts, spey casts like the circle-T and snap-T, you name it. This rod will even make these casts on a slick floor if you like, the only yarn-type rod that we know of that will do that. The OFFICE ROD breaks down into 3-pieces (21.5-inches long), easily packs in luggage or carry it right on the plane (fits easily in overhead) on your next business trip. Practice your casting in hotel rooms, home or office. If you're just learning to fly fish this is the ideal practice tool. If you already know how to fly cast, this is an outstanding tool for refining your technique and learning new casts to make you a more complete fly fisher. Instructional Flash-Draive included.

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Accelerator Fly Casting Trainer
Item # HS101


NEW! "ACCELERATOR" FLY CASTING TRAINER - I've been teaching fly casting for almost 30-years, this is the best fly casting training tool that I've ever seen (Bob Story). Developed and built one at a time by Certified Master Fly Casting Instructor, Floyd Dean, the Accelerator teaches fly casting students of all skill levels the muscle memory of a perfect fly casting stroke. Teaches you the proper timing (adjustable for short and long casts), double-haul and roll casts with audible "clicks". Learn to track the fly rod in a straight line and make the proper "stops" on the front and rear strokes to release all of the rods energy at once, creating higher line speed and tighter loops. PRACTICE ANYWHERE indoors or out. The Accelerator builds solid technique that will allow you to move through the building blocks of beginning through advanced fly casting skills. Many customers are reporting that they are also using the Accelerator to learn to cast with their non-dominant Hand! Huge "angle" advantages in tight spots when you can cast with either hand. Click here to watch the training video on youtube,

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Grip-Pro Trainer
Item # HS105

NEW! GRIP-PRO TRAINER - Sore casting arms can be prevented (or cured). Tennis elbow is no laughing matter. This GRIP-PRO TRAINER is the evolution of the old "round" and "egg-shaped" hand exercisers. This new ring design strengthens fingers, hands and forearms faster and more completely than ever. Fact is, in 3-days you can have a stronger grip. In 7-days you can crush a rod-grip (if you wanted to). You won't believe how fast it works. Endorsed by surgeons, therapists and trainers. Use it at the office, while walking or while driving for near instant forearm and hand-grip strength. If you're fishing a 7-wt or larger rod, it's a must. THREE LEVELS OF RESISTANCE: (Green 30-lb), (Black 40-lb), (Red 50-lb) - $9.95 each OR Set of Three $24.95
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Echo Micro Practice Rod
Item # HS500

The Echo Micro Practice Rod Rajeff Sports has really got the right idea with the Echo Micro Practice Rod. One of the greatest challenges of learning to fly cast is the issue of finding room! Learning to form a proper cast usually requires significant space above, behind and in front of you. Additionally, learning to single-hand spey cast or roll cast is downright difficult without water. The Echo Micro Practice Rod was designed to minimize the need for space without sacrificing rod action. This miniature rod comes with everything you need to practice casting - the 2-piece, 4' rod, highly-visible line, yarn leader and even a small pamphlet on basic casts. The rod is perfectly balanced with the line and leader to force you to exaggerate the proper motions required to form a good cast. When used on a carpeted surface, you can practice roll casts and single-hand overhead casts. Micro Practice Rod acts and feels just like a standard fly rod, so transitioning from the practice rod to a real rod is simple. All this can be done from the comfort of your couch!
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Gyro Exerciser
Item # HS620

GYRO EXERCISER is a must own for big game fly fishers, and anyone who suffers from tennis elbow. Vastly strengthens your forearms and wrists. Used by pro golfers, musicians, tennis and baseball players, and now, fly fishers. Endorsed by me (Bob), famous casting instructor Doug Swisher, and everyone else who has tried this gizmo. Hold the GYRO EXERCISER in the palm of your hand and begin to rotate your wrist making small circles. The High Performance Rotor begins spinning (up to 10,000 rpms), and exercising every part of your lower arm with up to 38-lbs of torque (instructions incl). IT'S AMAZING! Use it for a couple of weeks and develop a more powerful, controlled cast.
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WristLOK Joan and Lee Wulff
Item # HS920

WRISTLOK by Lee & Joan Wulff prevents the caster from over applying the wrist during the casting stroke. A tried and true casting tool that has helped thousands develop the proper "feel" of the fly cast. Great for beginners or anyone looking to improve their casting skills.
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