Senyo's Lazer Dubbing

Item #TM059

SENYO'S LAZER YARN/DUBBING - AMAZING STUFF! Use for sculpin heads, baitfish that will push water, salmon & steelhead patterns, bass patterns and for any fly you'd like to wing, collar or veil. A springy, dull finish acrylic dubbing-like material that mimics wool, with 10-15% Ice Dubbing added for built-in sparkle. SO EASY TO USE: Grab a clump, center it around the hook-shank, tye it in and stroke it to the rear. At this point you can tye in a second or third color, top or bottom, or all the way around if you like. With a dubbing brush comb out the excess material (towards the rear). COLORS: (1)Black, (2)White, (3)Tan, (4)Olive, (5)Purple, (6)Grey, (7)Brown, (8)Fl-Blue, (9)Fl-Chartreuse, (10)Fl-Fuchsia, (11)Fl-Hot-Orange, (12)Hot-Pink, (13)Dk-Tan, (14)Green-Chartreuse, (15)Lavender, (16)Lt-Olive, (17)Pale-Blue, (18)Pale-Pink, (19)Red, (20)Rusty-Bronze, (21)Sculpin-Olive, (22)Shrimp-Pink, (23)Silver-Minnow-Belly, (24)Yellow $2.50/pak OR Any 5-Paks $12

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