Steve Farrar Flash Blend

Item #TU021

STEVE FARRAR'S "FLASH BLEND" A full-bodied, slightly kinky streamer material with a fine "Angel Hair" flash. The semi-coarse texture holds good shape/silhouette in the water. AN INSTANT FAVORITE HERE AT FEATHER-CRAFT. I haven't seen anything quite like it before. Tapers beautifully, and multiple colors can be blended together seamlessly. Use to imitate fresh or saltwater baitfish from sizes-8 to 8/0. THE NEW "BLEEDING" COLORS incorporate a red and wisteria color flash... Really Cool. COLORS: (1)White, (2)Grey, (3)Yellow, (4)Orange, (5)Wild-Olive, (6)Light-Pink, (7)Shrimp, (8)Shaded-Chartreuse, (9)Sea-Blue, (10)Rainbow, (11)Bucktail-White, (12)Camo, (13)Peacock, (14)Mackerel, (15)Bleeding-Black, (16)Bleeding-Yellow, (17)Bleeding-Purple, (18)Bleeding-Red, (19)Bleeding-Orange, (20)Bleeding-Grey, (21)Hot-Orange NEW COLORS: (22)Misty-Blue, (23)Mullet-Brown, (24)Herring-Back, (25)Violet-Night, (26)Midnight-Blitz, (27)Chartreuse, (28)Olive, (29)Redfish, (30)Electric-Yellow, (31)Pink, (32)Brown, (33)Red, (34)Bleeding-Mackerel, (35)Black, (36)Dk-Purple, (37)Anchovy, (38)UV-White, (39)UV-Off-White, (40)UV-Peacock, (41)UV-Pink, (42)UV-Shaded-Chartreuse, (43)UV-Olive, (44)UV-Rainbow, (45)UV-Herring-Back

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