It's so important that you talk to our staff before selecting your Sage Fly Rod. As one of the oldest and largest Sage dealers, we know and understand the "action" of every sage fly rod ever made. We've fished or cast most of them. We can help you select the rod and "action" that will give you the most enjoyment for its intended use. We can even tell you what fly lines work best on each rod. Allow us to help with your selection. Ask for Ed, Bob, Bill, or Ted. Unconditional Lifetime Warranty for the original owner of the rod. Regardless of the cause of damage, Sage will repair or replace the product. These rods are truly a lifetime investment.

   **Feather Craft Sage Rod Building Kits** include the highest quality components available: Sage Rod blank of choice (when available), Sage recommended reel seat and flor grade "inletted" cork grip, winding check, hook keep, and Hopkins and Holloway guides. Note: Rod tube, bags, and epoxies sold separately. Each kit can also be customized to your liking.... call for details. 1.800.659.1707

Sage X Rod Series
Item # SG095

WINNER: Best Freshwater Fly Rod - 2016 International Fly Tackle Dealer Show

WINNER: Best Saltwater Fly Rod - 2016 International Fly Tackle Dealer Show

WINNER: Best Of Show - 2016 International Fly Tackle Dealer Show

INTRODUCING: SAGE X FLY ROD SERIES - Tighter loops. It's what we all strive for. A tight loop is accurate, efficient, easily controlled, and a way to command the water in front of you. Ushering in a new era of performance fast action fly rods, the X will dramatically enhance the way you fish through superior loop control. With Sages' innovative KonneticHD Technology, the X rod's all-new fast action taper delivers greater blank recovery and a crisper tip stop - creating tighter, more efficient loops throughout all ranges of casting styles. This taper allows you to dig deeper into the rod and access the lower sections, shifting power closer to the angler. Decreased lateral and medial movement and vibrations in the blank result in a more accurate and efficient presentation and a ton of "feel", resulting in a performance driven, forgiving fast action blank - refining the synergy between angler, rod, line, and fly. Black Spruce blank color with Dark Green thread wraps and Metallic Grey trim wraps. Fuji ceramic stripper guides. Hard chromed snake guides and tip-top. Freshwater 3 - 6 weights feature Vera wood inserts, Stealth Black anodized aluminum up-locking reel seats with Flor grade snub nosed half-wells cork handle. Saltwater 5-10 weights feature Stealth Black anodized aluminum up-locking reel seat with integrated hidden hook keeper in reel seat, and Flor quality full-wells cork handle with EVA fighting butt. Line weight is laser etched on the slide band. Black rod bag and Evergreen powder coated aluminum rod tube with Sage medallion included. Handcrafted on Bainbridge Island, USA. Unconditional lifetime warranty.

"By optimizing our graphite-to-resin ratio, we've created a higher density (HD) fiber composite resulting in lighter, stronger blanks to deliver unmatched recovery, energy transfer, and line/loop control."... Sage chief rod designer, Jerry Siem


New proprietary graphite/resin composite developed through exclusive partnerships. Advanced high density (HD) fiber positioning, enhanced laminate characteristics, and optimized manufacturing techniques increase composite modulus while maintaining durability. KonneticHD creates amplified strength-to-weight and stiffness-to-weight ratios as needed within the rod blank. Optimized fiber-to-fiber energy transfer along the length of the blank minimizes both lateral and medial vibrations, delivering accuracy in an easy loading blank with quick recovery, a crisp tip stop, and enhanced line feel for complete loop control. The highest energy transferring material Sage has ever created.
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Sage X Two-Handed Switch & Spey Rods
Item # SG096

NEW! SAGE X TWO-HANDED SWITCH & SPEY FLY RODS - The all new fast-action Two-Handed X rods let you experience the remarkable benefits of KonneticHD Technology through access to the more powerful lower sections of the rod, allowing for easier and more efficient load carry through the casting stroke. The shaft's significantly enhanced recovery and crisper tip stop optimize line speed to deliver long, smooth casts. The decreased vertical movement and vibrations in the blank result in a more accurate and efficient presentation. Black Spruce blank color with Dark Green thread wraps and Metallic Grey trim wraps. Fuji ceramic stripper guides. Hard chromed snake guides and tip-top. Stealth Black anodized aluminum reel seats, down-locking on Spey models, up-locking on Switch models. Integrated hidden hook keeper in reel seat on Switch models. Line weight is laser etched on the slide band. Super Plus fore grip and rear grip. Black rod bag and Evergreen powder coated aluminum rod tube with Sage medallion included. Handcrafted on Bainbridge Island, USA. Unconditional lifetime warranty.
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Sage Salt Series Fly Rods
Item # SG098

WINNER: Best in Show AND Best Saltwater Fly Rod - 2014 International Fly Tackle Dealer Show

SAGE SALT SERIES FLY RODS A new generation of fly rod technology that gives anglers exceptional tracking and torsional stability, resulting in casting accuracy that's unparalleled, the new SALT rods are Sage's first saltwater fly rods built using their groundbreaking Konnetic technology. Sage created the SALT to load quickly as well as maintain high line speeds and accuracy to land the fly exactly where wary saltwater species demand. SALT's robust salt-action taper provides the power needed to cast today's heavier fly lines and deliver all sizes of flies at any range with precision. These are fast loading, high line-speed salt-action rods that deliver tremendous line feel at all ranges. They make the load and throw incredibly extinctive, and as smooth and effortless as any fly rod I've ever had in my hand (Bob). Blanks are dark sapphire with black thread wraps and silver trim wraps. The oversized Fuji ceramic stripper guides and hard chromed snake guides and tip top ensure this rod performs. The heavy-duty stealth black anodized aluminum up-locking reel seat creates a solid nest for the reel, and the hidden hook keeper in the reel seat keeps things sleek. The super-plus full-wells cork handle offers a positive grip in tough fishing conditions. SALT comes in a black rod bag with electric blue logo and model tag in a matching electric blue powder-coated aluminum rod tube and Sage medallion. Sage Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee.

"Adapting to changing conditions is imperative when saltwater fishing, and Konnetic technology allows deft sensitivity and the ability to track extremely straight. SALT shines in all fishing scenarios." Jerry Siem, Sage chief rod designer
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Sage Accel Series Fly Rods
Item # SG099


SAGE ACCEL SERIES FLY RODS - For the ACCEL, Sage reinvented its G5 blank technology that was so well loved in the now classic Z-Axis and the VXP series that the ACCEL rods replaced. "Adding a graphite hoop core and axial fiber material in the new Generation 5 technology allows for a lighter, ultra-responsive, and livelier blank with a narrower shaft," says Jerry Siem, Sage chief rod designer. Medium-fast-action ACCEL rods load effortlessly and are very accurate to the target. I personally like the trout sizes matched with the RIO Gold fly lines; the heavier weights feel great with a variety of fly lines (Bob). ACCEL is offered in single-hand, switch and two-handed fly rods. Blanks are a gorgeous emerald green color with olive green thread wraps with garnet and black trim wraps. Fuji ceramic stripper guides and hard-chromed snake guides and tip top complete the blank. Freshwater rods from 3-6 weights have a rosewood insert with stealth black anodized aluminum up-locking reel seat and a snub-nose, half-wells cork handle. Heavier fresh/saltwater models from 6FB-9 weights feature a stealth black anodized aluminum up-locking reel seat and feature a snub-nose half-wells cork handle. The switch and two-hand models have a cork grip on both the fore and rear grips. The ACCEL comes in a black rod bag with emerald green logo and model tag inside a leaf green ballistic nylon rod tube with a divided liner. Sage Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee.

"Newly redesigned Generation 5 technology allows for a lighter, ultra-responsive, and livelier blank." Jerry Siem, Sage chief rod designer
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Sage "Bass II" Fly Rods
Item # SG119

SAGE BASS II SERIES - Toss big flies to fish with big appetites. When you're casting big flies onto weed mats to trigger attacks from the bucketmouths below, you're in for a day of spectacular strikes and big memories - maybe even a tournament title. Bass II rods have been upgraded for faster line speed, greater accuracy and easier line pickup to carry big, bulky flies straight to their target. Everything from explosive smallmouth in their river lairs, to voracious snook and tarpon stealthfully pulled from the mangroves on your kayak. These rods perform the job of line pickup, back-cast, and re-delivery WITH NO FALSE CAST NEEDED. The Peacock model is a true heavyweight ready to go toe-to-toe with giant Muskie, Pike and Peacock Bass. Fast action, custom full-wells grip, salt safe reelseat with fighting-butt, and built within tournament specifications (if that's your game). Blanks are a gorgeous Tree-Frog-Green with Rust, Gold and Black wraps. Each rod comes with its perfectly matched SAGE BASS II FLY LINE to maximize performance. Cordura rod and reel case is also included.

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Sage Approach Fly Rods
Item # SG126

SAGE "APPROACH" SERIES FLY RODS - Calling these "entry level" really does not do them justice. Higher modulus graphite blanks than SAGE has ever offered in this price range provides a med-fast action rod with outstanding line feel and control. Beginning casters can easily grow with this rod without ever feeling that they've grown out of it. Oyster-Shell-Gray Blanks, reverse-half-wells grips and aluminum reelseat with wood insert on freshwater models, full-wells grips and all-aluminum reelseats with fighting-butts on saltwater models. Lined Cordura covered tube included. APPROACH OUTFITS include Sage 2200 Fly reel, Rio Gold Fly Line and Cordura rod/reel case.
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Sage Method Series Fly Rods
Item # SG127

SAGE METHOD SERIES FLY RODS - Ultra-fast action fly rods utilizing Sage's proprietary Konnetic technology. The METHOD delivers high line speeds and tight loops for extreme distance and wind-cutting casts all while maintaining critical accuracy and feel. The magma red colored shaft of the METHOD is complemented by rust colored primary thread wraps and pewter trim wraps. Fuji ceramic stripping guides and robust guide sets round out the performance features. Available in 4-6 weights for freshwater with a cocobolo wood insert and black reel seat components paired with a snub-nose, half-wells grip. The saltwater capable 691-4 FB thru 11-weight feature a black aluminum reel seat and a full wells handle and fighting butt. Sage Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee. Made in USA.

"We designed the METHOD to perform to the expectations of the most demanding anglers in any casting situation. Our newest high-performance rods will make any caster better -- but will help experienced casters notch exceptional casts with regularity." Sage Chief Rod Designer, Jerry Siem

"METHOD makes it possible to take your casting abilities to whole new levels." Eric Gewiss, Sage marketing director

About Konnetic Technology: The most recent and significant evolution in fly rod innovation, Sage's Konnetic technology uses new materials combined with pioneering manufacturing methods and processes. This technology incorporates an optimized ratio of Sage's proprietary resin to exclusive high modulus aerospace-grade carbon fiber. Other SAGE rod series that incorporate Konnetic technology: Circa, ONE and ESN.

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Sage Motive Series Fly Rods
Item # SG129

SAGE MOTIVE SERIES SALTWATER FLY RODS - Constructed of time-proven materials, these rods embody Sage's immense experience pursuing hard-fighting saltwater species. The MOTIVE features an all-new taper design creating a powerful, fast-action rod that loads quickly to deliver heavy saltwater flies with the distance and accuracy the sport demands. Strong butt sections with fighting butt and full-wells grip to provide the necessary strength to fight and control large game fish. Heavy saltwater lines slip easily through the oversized guides, and the aluminum reel seat and saltwater compatible components round out the features. Built on a bluefin blue blank, the
rods have blue primary thread wraps with royal blue and black trim wraps. Sage Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee. Made in USA.

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Sage Pike & Musky Fly Rods
Item # SG130

SAGE PIKE & MUSKY FLY RODS - In recent years, there has been a significant rise in the popularity of pike and musky fly fishing. Sage is responding with a rod that will make it easier than ever to cast those big streamers. Based on the success of the 7'11" BASS II family, Sage is introducing two new rods targeted specifically at pike and musky fishing. Like the fast action, powerful BASS II rods, the G-5 technology PIKE and MUSKY rods come in a 9' length to better handle heavy fly lines and wind-resistant flies that are used to target these species. They feature extended fighting-butts for figure eights, oversize stripper and tip-top guides, saltwater safe reelseats and components. Packaged in a ballistic cloth rod/reel case. RIO Pike/Musky WF F/I Fly Line included.
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Sage 'MOD' Series Fly Rod
Item # SG132

WINNER: Best Freshwater Fly Rod, 2015 International Fly Tackle Dealer Show

SAGE 'MOD' SERIES FLY RODS - Just like you wouldn't pull out your driver when you need your 7 iron, the MOD is optimized for the distances and scenarios most often encountered by the trout angler. Thoughtfully crafted with contemporary line designs, fly patterns, and angling styles in mind, the MOD is a modern interpretation of a moderate action fly rod specific for trout fisheries. Designed between the deep loading CIRCA and fast action ONE, the MOD excels at measured distances to the short game, delivering delicate presentations with pin-point accuracy. Designed and handcrafted on Bainbridge Island, the MOD features all the lightweight, strength, responsiveness, and accuracy benefits of the Sage proprietary Konnetic Technology. Medium action, Jade color blank, zebra wood insert with Gloss Black anodized aluminum up-locking reel seat and Super Plus snub-nose, half-wells cork handle. Cloth bag and aluminum rod tube included. Sage unconditional lifetime warranty.

"I've been thinking about this rod for quite some time now, it was conceived as I fished smaller to medium sized trout streams," says Sage chief rod designer Jerry Siem. "Our proprietary Konnetic Technology has made it possible, and it's quickly become a favorite of our testing team. I like to compare it to the short game in golf, where you need an accurate presentation with a delicate touch. The MOD is optimized for those distances and scenarios."

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Sage 'LITTLE ONE' Series Fly Rod
Item # SG133

SAGE 'LITTLE ONE' SERIES FLY RODS - The newest member of Sage's flagship rod family takes ultra-light fly fishing to a new level of performance. Konnetic Technology allows for a smaller rod diameter and slimmer profile without sacrificing high line speed and smooth tracking for effortless and accurate casts. The already impossibly lightweight blank is coupled with an ultra-light custom reel seat and compact cork handle for an ultra-light feel and ultra-light action from tip to butt. For small rivers and streams where the quarry is light trout, the LITTLE ONE is your rod of choice. Fast action, Black-Ice color blank, walnut wood insert with ultra-light Golden Bronze anodized aluminum up-locking reel seat and Super Plus ultra-light specific snub-nose, half-wells cork handle. Cloth bag and aluminum rod tube included. Sage unconditional lifetime warranty.
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Sage 'ONE' Trout Spey Rod
Item # SG134

SAGE ONE 'TROUT SPEY' RODS are designed specifically for two-handed casting and swinging flies for trout. These ultra-light Spey rods are delicate enough to protect small flies on light tippets yet powerful enough to cast modestly weighted streamers on light sink tips. For steelhead and salmon anglers, these trout spey rods are a tool to keep casting in shape in the offseason. For the trout angler, the rods are another specialized tool to target trout and a great entry into the fun world of two-handed fishing. Konnetic Technology, fast-action blanks are Black Ice color, Golden-Bronze anodized aluminum down-locking reel seat with Super Plus cork mini-Spey fore and rear grips. Cloth bag and aluminum rod tube included. Sage unconditional lifetime warranty.

RECOMMENDED LINES: 2wt = 200gr, 3wt = 250gr. Use the RIO Skagit Max Short Shooting Heads and RIO's 25-lb Powerflex Shooting Line; paired with RIO's Versi-Leaders or MOW Tips.

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