It's so important that you talk to our staff before selecting your Sage Fly Rod. As one of the oldest and largest Sage dealers, we know and understand the "action" of every sage fly rod ever made. We've fished or cast most of them. We can help you select the rod and "action" that will give you the most enjoyment for its intended use. We can even tell you what fly lines work best on each rod. Allow us to help with your selection. Ask for Ed, Bob, Bill, or Ted. Unconditional Lifetime Warranty for the original owner of the rod. Regardless of the cause of damage, Sage will repair or replace the product. These rods are truly a lifetime investment.

   **Feather Craft Sage Rod Building Kits** include the highest quality components available: Sage Rod blank of choice (when available), Sage recommended reel seat and flor grade "inletted" cork grip, winding check, hook keep, and Hopkins and Holloway guides. Note: Rod tube, bags, and epoxies sold separately. Each kit can also be customized to your liking.... call for details. 1.800.659.1707

Sage Xi3 Saltwater Fly rods
Item # SG110

CLOSEOUT 30% OFF: SAGE Xi3 SALTWATER FLY RODS Line control, accuracy, and line-lifting power off the charts. Pinpoint casts at any distance, near or far. Power to lift long lines and to change casting direction, even in a salt wind. Everything about these rods screams saltwater performance; proprietary blank/taper design utilizing SaltH2O technology, salt-fast action, specific salt components plus unmatched line lifting and fish fighting capabilities put Xi3 in a league of its own. The toughest blanks in the Sage line, designed to withstand the rigors of saltwater environments, including tackle, specialty lines and rigs, and even Mother Nature, as she so often tosses us and our gear around in the boat. All guides and tip-tops are oversized for ease of line movement. Salt-safe black anodized reelseats have heavily knurled lock rings for securing reels. Full Wells grips and EVA capped fighting-butts standard. Blanks are a gorgeous Pacific Blue color with Cobalt Blue primary wraps tipped with Electric Blue trim wraps.

589-4 $549.50
790-4 $549.50
990-4 $556.50
1090-4 $556.50

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30% OFF! Sage Vxp Fly Rods
Item # SG115

30% OFF! SAGE VXP SERIES Sage rod designer Jerry Siem took what was previously known as the "XP" rod series (a worldwide favorite), lightened them up considerably, and revised and tuned the tapers to come up with an ABSOLUTE MASTERPIECE. Lightweight, crisp, fast action, high-line-speed rods that load beautifully in close and handle distances with the greatest of ease. Line feel all throughout the cast is perfect. I've fished the trout weights all over the Rockies, everything from size-6 hopper/dropper rigs, double nymph rigs to size-22 black CDC caddis on top, the rods couldn't have performed better. In the heavier 7 thru 10-weight models you can expect the same; rods load and throw so smoothly and with such high-line-speed they are an absolute pleasure for light salt, steelhead, salmon and bass fishing. Each rod comes with its own Cordura covered rod/reel case. Don't overlook these fabulous rods... Bob

We have limited stock on the SAGE VXP marked down to 30% OFF! What a great all around rod. Were down to a few 7wts and they are going quick. Great streamer or steelhead rod!
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Sage TXL-F Fly Rods
Item # SG116

SAGE TXL-F SERIES - The TXL-F is 33% lighter than the original TXL (they nearly float in your hand) with a "crisper" action and a wonderful snub-nose half wells grip for greater comfort and control, plus a travel friendly 4-piece configuration. These little rods are deadly accurate and a thrill to fish. Sage's exclusive G-5 technology coupled with innovative micro-ferrules and Jerry Siem's design genius culminates into the finest small stream rod that I have ever fished (Bob).
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Sage "ONE" Fly Rods
Item # SG117

SAGE "ONE" Fly Rods with Konnetic technology - A new generation of fly rods that gives anglers exceptional tracking and torsional stability, resulting in casting accuracy that's unparalleled. Smooth, precise and with an intentionally forgiving "sweet spot" that complements widely diverse casting styles, the ONE rod makes a full range of close-in and long-distance casts that hit the mark with equal ease. Known fact: Fish feed on accuracy. Being able to feel exactly what the line is doing through all stages of a cast gives you ultimate control to make the micro adjustments needed to place the fly precisely where you want it. Engineered energy: Konnetic technology utilizes a new high-modulus composite combined with a high-compression molding process. This results in greater fiber nesting and fuses the inner core to the axial fibers. This allows for superior tracking with virtually no lateral or torsional movement, resulting in extraordinary casting. Konnetic technology provides more focused energy throughout the entire rod blank, resulting in very little sideways cast deflection due to wasted lateral movement. Custom Cork Handle: Snub-nose, half-Wells grip on 3-6 weights and full-Wells grip with fighting butt on saltwater weights 6FB-12 enable a more relaxed grip for improved control, feel and comfort. Blanks are super-sexy translucent BLACK ICE color complemented by black guide wraps and Bronze trim.

"ONE offers a more fluid transmission of energy from the arm to the fly. The eye sees the cast it wants to make, and that is translated to the hand and through the rod instantaneously." Jerry Siem, Chief Rod Designer

Introducing the Sage ONE Rod - Accuracy Redifined from Far Bank on Vimeo.

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Sage "ESN" Fly Rods
Item # SG118

NEW SIZE! SAGE "ESN" ROD SERIES with Konnetic technology (like the ONE Series), designed to fit most styles of European tournament nymph fishing, whether Czech, Polish, French or Spanish. This style of short-line, contact nymph fishing is quickly gaining popularity throughout North America. It's an absolute deadly method of catching fish, especially on high-pressure streams where trout are smart and wary. Built on unique compound tapered mandrels with a slim profile and very supple, sensitive tip, this combination allows the angler to feel the take, and the power to quickly set the hook. Forest-Green blanks with custom shaped half-wells grips, Cocobolo wood inserts with Dk-Nickel colored aluminum reelseat components.

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Sage "Bass II" Fly Rods
Item # SG119

SAGE BASS II SERIES - Toss big flies to fish with big appetites. When you're casting big flies onto weed mats to trigger attacks from the bucketmouths below, you're in for a day of spectacular strikes and big memories - maybe even a tournament title. Bass II rods have been upgraded for faster line speed, greater accuracy and easier line pickup to carry big, bulky flies straight to their target. Everything from explosive smallmouth in their river lairs, to voracious snook and tarpon stealthfully pulled from the mangroves on your kayak. These rods perform the job of line pickup, back-cast, and re-delivery WITH NO FALSE CAST NEEDED. The Peacock model is a true heavyweight ready to go toe-to-toe with giant Muskie, Pike and Peacock Bass. Fast action, custom full-wells grip, salt safe reelseat with fighting-butt, and built within tournament specifications (if that's your game). Blanks are a gorgeous Tree-Frog-Green with Rust, Gold and Black wraps. Each rod comes with its perfectly matched SAGE BASS II FLY LINE to maximize performance. Cordura rod and reel case is also included.

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Sage Circa Series Fly Rods
Item # SG121

WINNER: "Best Freshwater Fly Rod" and "Best Of Show" International Fly Tackle Dealers (IFTD) show in Reno, Nevada.

WINNER: "Best New Fly Rod" European Fishing Tackle Trade Exhibition (EFTTEX)

SAGE CIRCA SERIES FLY RODS If you're a devotee of the casting nuances of the slow action fly rod, a student of its historic ties to our sport, or just like the thrill of moving in close to actively feeding fish, consider the new CIRCA rod a reward for your years of dedication. But be warned: the CIRCA does not mimic the type of slow action that has so far defined the category - overly soft, willowy and flat. Instead, thanks to Konnetic technology's ability to compact and align more carbon fibers into a smaller diameter blank, Sage rod designers were able to design a radically narrow taper throughout the length of the rod, resulting in consistently slow, yet responsive action from butt to tip. The new CIRCA rod is a technologically advanced slow-action fly rod that honors your slower, more deliberate casting style, yet is every bit a Sage.

"My goal for this rod was to apply the performance advantages of modern materials on a very sleek, slender shaft that would load down in the hand for a fishing tempo like glass or bamboo while providing the crucial need for accuracy." Jerry Siem, Sage Chief Fly Rod Designer

Key features of the CIRCA

Low-Profile Ferrules - The inherent strength of Konnetic technology allows us to reduce the weight of our all-graphite ferrule connections by nearly 70%. Improved aerodynamics plus lighter weight contribute to lighter blanks.

Green Tea Color - An elegant and inviting green finish is accented by Olive primary thread wraps with Slate colored trim wraps. Exotic, tightly grained Vera wood insert with black aluminum reel seat and winding check pattern create a perfect combination.

Custom Cork Handle - Snub-nose, half-wells grip. The cork is custom formed to match the exact taper of the CIRCA rod, providing a snug fit that helps communicate casting feedback for utmost accuracy.

Round Tip Eye - This Sage-designed tip-top never pinches or binds the line, allowing the caster to make mends and cast in any direction with full control.

Slim Profile Rod Tube - Only 1 5/8" in Desert Gold color, plus a unique rod bag: like a chameleon, its gold silk-screened colors flash between gold and green in the light.

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Sage 590-4 "One Elite" Fly Rod
Item # SG122

A VERY SPECIAL OFFERING | SAGE 590-4 "ONE ELITE" FLY ROD - For those who insist on fishing only the finest hand-crafted tools possible, SAGE has added a few refinements to their award-winning ONE Rod that put it in a class all its own. The titanium reel seat with laser-etched logo end cap, stripper guide, and winding check components add durability and a nicely balanced weight distribution for a smooth casting stroke. An extra (spare) tip section gives you added peace-of-mind on your next far-off adventure. Beauty and performance defined. Learn more about Sage One Rods with Konnetic technology at Available in one size only, 590-4.
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Sage "ONE" Switch Rods
Item # SG123

SAGE "ONE" SWITCH RODS place all the remarkable benefits of Konnetic technology in both of your hands. Its lighter weight and decidedly thinner profile are welcome assets over a long day of fishing, reducing casting fatigue and minimizing wind resistance for tireless casts. Thanks to the shaft's significantly enhanced torsional stability, the rod recovers extremely quickly as it moves through the cast, optimizing load carry and line speed for long, smooth, flawless casts every time. The shaft's decreased lateral movement and vibrations keep you more connected to your line, cast, mends and swing.
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Sage "ONE" Two-Handed Fly Rods
Item # SG124

NEW SIZES! SAGE "ONE" TWO-HANDED FLY RODS - place all the remarkable benefits of Konnetic technology in both of your hands. Its lighter weight and decidedly thinner profile are welcome assets over a long day of fishing, reducing casting fatigue and minimizing wind resistance for tireless casts. Thanks to the shaft's significantly enhanced torsional stability, the rod recovers extremely quickly as it moves through the cast, optimizing load carry and line speed for long, smooth, flawless casts every time. The shaft's decreased lateral movement and vibrations keep you more connected to your line, cast, mends and swing.

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Sage Response Fly Rods
Item # SG125

SAGE "RESPONSE" SERIES FLY RODS - A combination of proven tapers and premium materials has resulted in this family of notably smooth casting, fast-action rods. SAGE classifies these as all-water rods that will cross-over from fresh to saltwater fishing environments flawlessly. Dressed with stylish wraps and other upgrades, freshwater rods feature a reverse-half-wells grip and aluminum reelseat with rosewood insert. Saltwater models have a full-wells grip with all aluminum reelseat and fighting-butt. Lined Cordura rod tube included.

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Sage Approach Fly Rods
Item # SG126

SAGE "APPROACH" SERIES FLY RODS - Calling these "entry level" really does not do them justice. Higher modulus graphite blanks than SAGE has ever offered in this price range provides a med-fast action rod with outstanding line feel and control. Beginning casters can easily grow with this rod without ever feeling that they've grown out of it. Oyster-Shell-Gray Blanks, reverse-half-wells grips and aluminum reelseat with wood insert on freshwater models, full-wells grips and all-aluminum reelseats with fighting-butts on saltwater models. Lined Cordura covered tube included. APPROACH OUTFITS include Sage 2200 Fly reel, Rio Gold Fly Line and Cordura rod/reel case.
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