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   Left Kreh joined Temple Fork Outfitters in 2003, redesigned every rod in their lineup, then designed the TICR, TICR-X, Finesse, and the new "Axiom" series fly rods from scratch. Wow do these rods cast. A full offering of medium, med-fast, and fact action rods offering the best combination of price and performance. "I haven't found a rod in this line-up that I wouldn't fish..." ED    No Fault Fly Rod Warranty! Good for the original owner and must be registered. Send your registration card to Tfo with each purchase to activate your warranty. $25 fee for shipping and handling; Temple Fork will repair or replace your rod

   **Temple Fork Complete Outfits** Includes rod and sock, TFO rod case, Ross "Flystart" Large Arbor Reel with backing, floating fly line and a leader. If you would like to upgrade the line, you will receive a $20 credit towards any fly line of your choice, just be sure to let us know. We will gladly rig your outfit as you like at NO CHARGE if you like; Please let us know which hand you reel in with (right or left hand).

   **Temple Fork Rod Building Kits** Each Temple Fork rod building kit uses the exact same high quality components used to build the factory rods. These include the blank of your choice, snake guides, stripper guide, and spacing chart. Threads, epoxies, rod bag and tube sold separately.

Lefty Kreh TiCr-X
Item # LK101

LEFTY KREH TiCr-X SERIES - For advanced fly casters, a super-high-performance rod at a reasonable price. These rods are fantastic; the only saltwater specific fly rod in this price range, and with the horsepower and performance us salty guys demand (Bob). Blanks are cobalt-blue and fitted with first class components. Over-size guides, Flor-grade cork grip, alignment dots and a rod sock. 690-4 FB and larger models come have full-wells grip and salt-safe reelseats. Foregrip option available on the 9, 10, & 12-weight at no extra charge!

"I rate this rod as one of the very best 8-weight rods that I have ever cast. For anyone who likes a fast-action rod, this does it in spades." ....Lefty Kreh
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Templefork TiCr-X Two Handed 7/8 Fly Rod Conversion Kit
Item # LK101A

TEMPLE FORK TiCr-X TWO HANDED 7/8 FLY ROD CONVERSION KIT A most innovative concept... Imagine a two-handed rod and a 4-piece 9-foot rod that will fit in the same length case. TFO now has two lower rod sections designed to replace the single-handed grip section on existing 7 and 8-weight 9' 4-piece TiCr-X fly rods. With a total of 6 rod sections of equal length you can now have both, a great 9' 4-piece traditional fly rod, and a 5-piece 11' 3" two-hander for easy overhead distance or spey casting. CONVERTIBLE RODS! Offered separately from the 9-foot 4-piece rod, the TiCr-X two-handed conversion sections include a full two-handed grip with Flor grade cork and heavy-duty knurled reel seat, large Titanium Oxide stripping guides and handsome rod sock.

Two options here, the first is the Conversion-Kit w/ Rod Sock priced at $199.95. Add $40 and you get the Conversion-Kit with Rod Sock AND Aluminum Tube for a total of $239.95
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Lefty Kreh Finesse
Item # LK104

TFO LEFTY KREH FINESSE SERIES - A more traditional taper with a sweet, smooth medium action for those who fish small flies and fine tippets on light lines. At short to medium distances, these rods cast effortlessly, turning over long leaders easily. Rods are well appointed with rosewood inserts on an uplocking reel seat that looks great with the deep olive color blank. NOTE: The .550-3 model has a cork reelseat with slide-bands to keep it feather weight.

NOTE: The NEW TFO FINESSE "S-GLASS" fly rods take the traditional Finesse Series action to a whole new level of smoothness. Fantastic fun on small trout streams or panfish ponds.
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Project Healing Waters Lefty Kreh Professional Series
Item # LK105

PROJECT HEALING WATERS LEFTY KREH PROFESSIONAL SERIES FLY RODS The Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing program, through Federation of Fly Fishers clubs and Trout Unlimited chapters, teaches fly fishing and fly tying skills as therapy to the service men and women wounded in Afghanistan and Iraq and disabled veterans from World War II and the Korea, Vietnam, and other conflicts. Made in two "Lefty Kreh Professional" fly rod models, 9-ft 5 weight and 9-ft 8 weight, rods are gorgeous translucent blue with blue windings tipped with red. TFO and PHW logos in gold appear on each rod. For every rod sold, $25 will be donated to PHW
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Tfo Casting for Recovery Fly Rods
Item # LK106

TFO CFR (CASTING FOR RECOVERY) FLY RODS CFR is a national non-profit support & educational program for women who have had breast cancer. CFR provides an opportunity for those affected by the disease to gather in a beautiful, natural setting and learn fly fishing. Learn more at www.castingforrecovery.org. TFO has created two unique fly rods to benefit CFR. The rods have a super-smooth Med-Fast Action. Blanks are translucent purple with pink lettering inscribed with the words, "Supporting Casting for Recovery & Hope". A $25 contribution to CFR will be made with each rod sold.
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Temple Fork Bluewater
Item # LK107

Temple Fork BLUEWATER Power Actions: These hybrid rods are all about fighting big fish offshore. A combination of S-Glass and IM6 graphite create a powerful rod with exceptional casting ability. The blank goes through the TiCr coating process twice, adding even more durability. Optional case.

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Temple Fork Deer Creek Switch Rods
Item # LK109

TEMPLE FORK DEER CREEK SWITCH RODS by Bob Meiser and Mike Kinney. Constructed using the TFO proprietary Axiom material lay-up process, these rods are extremely durable and lightweight with outstanding performance. "Switch Rods" are multi-task fly rods that allow a variety of both single and two-handed casting options. Achieve maximum targeted forward distance with the least amount of expended energy. Case included.
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Temple Fork Deer Creek Spey
Item # LK110

TEMPLE FORK DEER CREEK SPEY SERIES Designed by two of the best Pacific Northwest Spey casters, Mike Kinney and Bob Meiser, the DEER CREEK Series rods have casting properties that marry perfectly with modern spey lines. Their unique progressive-regressive traditional action makes them ideal for executing all types of spey and skagit casts. Blanks are a beautiful translucent dark-amethyst color with fittings and components selected by Mike and Bob. Rod case included.
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Tfo "MINI MAG" Fly Rods
Item # LK115

TFO "MINI MAG" FLY RODS are powerful fishing tools able to deliver short, accurate casts when fishing hair bugs around the lily pads for bass, or flipping streamers under the mangroves for tarpon or snook.
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Tfo "BVK" Fly Rod
Item # LK116

TFO BVK SERIES FLY RODS designed by Lefty Kreh and Flip Pallot. Engineered to the highest performance standards, the BVK utilizes new materials that dramatically reduce weight while creating an aggressive blend of power and strength. The result is amazing performance at an incredible price. BVK rods are fast action rods designed to excel in Presentation and Distance. These rods cast and fish so smoothly, you'll think you spent three times as much! The rich translucent olive blanks are topped with matching braided carbon fiber reel seats, TFO Tactical Series Stripping Guides, ultra lightweight chromium-impregnated stainless snake guides, and flor grade cork grips. The new 3-weight Conversion Kit changes your 8' 3-weight BVK into a 10' Czech nymph / dry fly rod for the ultimate in on-stream versatility (see item LK117).

NOTE: 590-4 Blanks/Kits no longer available.

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Tfo 310-5 Bvk Conversion Kit
Item # LK117

TFO 310-5 BVK CONVERSION KIT - Two pieces: A new butt section and a "5th" lower section that connects to the top three sections of your 380-4 BVK, converting it to a 10-foot Czech Nymphing Rod
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Tfo Professional Ii Fly Rod
Item # LK118

TFO LEFTY KREH PROFESSIONAL SERIES II FLY RODS With new components and cosmetic upgrades for 2012, the Professional Series II rods offer outstanding performance and value. These medium fast action rods with a progressive taper are smooth casting and powerful, yet forgiving. Lefty says these are the perfect rods for all anglers and all skill levels. Cosmetics include matte black finished blanks with a subtle gold logo. Every rod features alignment dots color coded by line weight, premium grade cork with burled accents, and oversized stripping guides. New anodized aluminum reel seats with braided carbon fiber inserts make these rods as forgiving on the eyes as they are in the hand.
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