Reelseats and Grips

Winston Box Elder Reelseat
Item # CR007

WINSTON "TROUT-ROD" REELSEATS are machined German Nickel-Silver, hand-etched ring with hand polished wood inserts. BEAUTIFUL! Uplocking with Box-Elder wood insert. NOTE: .406 bore only.
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Struble U-15 Black
Item # CR010-U15-1

STRUBLE U-15 "small-diameter" Saltwater/Heavy-Freshwater Up-locking Reelseat Great for 7 - 9-wt SAGE "SLT" Rods. Double up-locking with O-ring. Anodized black with 1" fighting-butt. Use with rod-blanks having a butt-dia. 1/2-inch or less. Anodized (1)Black
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Flor Grade Cork Rings
Item # CR011

STRUBLE Flor-Grade CORK RINGS with 1/4" bore.
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