Abel 9/10N La Reel with Musky Finish
Item # 500729

NEW! ABEL SUPER 9/10N LA REEL with MUSKY FINISH - The new Abel 2015 Musky finish has arrived! This 9/10N Large Arbor Reel will hold up to 175-yds of 30-pound backing with a 10-weight line. 4.22-inch diameter, weighs 6.8-ounces. Serial #8090.
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Abel Super 6N Reel with Smallmouth Finish
Item # 500890

NEW! ABEL SUPER 6N LA REEL with SMALLMOUTH FINISH - The new Abel 2015 Smallmouth finish has arrived! This 6N Large Arbor Reel will hold up to 150-yds of 20-pound backing with a 6-weight line. 3.650-inch diameter, weighs 5.6-ounces. Serial #2102.
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Abel Greatful Dead 50th Anniversary Reels
Item # AB050

ABEL GRATEFUL DEAD 50th ANNIVERSARY FLY REELS - The 3rd and final design in Abel's collectable Grateful Dead series of reels celebrates the 50 year logo for the iconic band that was established in 1965. This unique combination of a machined, and hand painted anodized graphic is limited to only 500 total reels. We currently have three models available: (Super 5N $995), (Super 6N $1045) and (Super 7/8N $1130)

ABEL SAYS: The 50th anniversary logo for the Grateful Dead is by the far the most sophisticated graphic we've ever accomplished on our reels. The intricate skull, roses, and EST. 1965 banner are precision milled .020" into the reel frame before partially filled with a proprietary epoxy paint resulting in a stunning image that you can both see and feel. The additional details are meticulously painted by hand with an anodized finish that not only looks great on display in your home or office, but can be confidently fished in a fresh or saltwater environment without damaging the reel. The spool of the reel is then finished off with a gold anodized handle to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Grateful Dead.
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Abel Super-Series Fly Reels
Item # AB100

Abel "Super Series" Fly Reels Well known around the world as the very finest that you can own. The famous ABEL cork disc-drag system is the smoothest and most powerful available. Protect a 7x tippet while fishing size-22 baetis on a Montana spring creek, or land a giant Keys tarpon in record time. Impeccable workmanship and a flawless reel finish, ABEL is home to the most talented anodizers (artists) in the business. Spools ride on 3-sets of sealed ball-bearings. Oversized hardwood handles. Frames and spools are machined from solid aircraft aluminum stock. Every single component that goes into these reels is made on site in the ABEL machine shop... down to the smallest screw, spring or pawl. Fly reels for those who demand the best. Lifetime Warranty - Made In USA

FISH & ARTISTIC-ANODIZED FINISHES Abel offers dozens and dozens of handpainted and anodized fish graphics and artistic images on their reels; they can even do a custom design just for you. Go to abelreels.com to view all the options, and then call Feather-Craft to place your order. Up Charges Reels: $200, X-Spools: $150

CUSTOM SOLID-COLOR FINISHES Match the color of your favorite fly rod, or even your favorite car if you want to! Go to abelreels.com to view all the options, and then call Feather-Craft to place your order. Up Charges Reels: $75, X-Spools: $50. Matching Reel Foot, Drag Plate or Drag Knob $50/Component (otherwise these components will be anodized black).
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Abel Switch Reel
Item # AB106

NEW! ABEL SWITCH REEL - The baby-brother to the Abel Spey Reel is the new Abel Switch reel, designed to be the best all-around tool for those switch-casters looking for the perfect reel for the job. Sized to fit the lighter spey and Skagit lines preferred on these versatile rods, the new Switch reel offers the right size, capacity, and super-strong drag Abel is renowned for. The pawl-click drag is full adjustable, surrounded by proven Abel corrosion-resistant anodized enclosed frame along with that sleek Abel made-in-the-USA feel. 3.7" diameter, 8.5-ounces. Capacity: designed for 5-7 wt spey lines. Reel in photo is shown with custon "Olive" finish. STANDARD FINISHES: Hi-Gloss Black or Matte-Black. CUSTOM SOLID COLOR FINISHES: add $75. FISH & ARTISTIC-ANODIZED FINISHES: add $200
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Abel 'SD' Sealed Drag Fly Reel
Item # AB107

ABEL 'SD' SEALED-DRAG FLY REELS feature a lightweight, maintenance-free, fully enclosed drag mechanism. A collaborative effort with Oregon reel designer Joe Saracione, the drag consists of "stacked" multi-discs of prime grade machined aluminum and Rulon with ay gasket seal that completely locks out moisture. Incredibly low startup inertia to protect fine tippets, with plenty of power to tame the fastest running game fish. These reels are impeccably machined from bar stock aluminum and hard anodized. Standard color is Gloss-Black, custom colors and Artistic finishes are available with upcharge. Made in USA. Lifetime warranty.
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