Nautilus "NV" Series Fly Reels
Item # NA101

NEW SIZE! NAUTILUS "NV" LARGE-ARBOR & GIGA-ARBOR FLY REELS - Among the lightest and toughest in their class. NV (en-vee) Reels feature a larger version of the CCF drag system and largely ceramic and titanium components. No detail has been omitted, from the low-profile drag knob and counterweight to the 100 and 200-yd backing markers inside the spool. HOOKER: Built-in fly/hook holder on the reel-foot. NVG SERIES REELS/SPOOLS offer fly fishers a larger arbor reel without sacrificing weight. STANDARD LARGE-ARBOR NV SPOOLS and NVG (GIGA-ARBOR SPOOLS) are interchangeable, creating great versatility in line weight and backing capacity from one reel frame! Put a G-8 Spool in your NV-10/11 Reel and it's instantly converted to an 8-weight Reel... and so on. The NV MONSTER sports a beefed-up frame, Giga-Arbor 15" per turn line pickup, Laser fly line I.D., extra wide line guard, and is the lightest true big game 12+ weight reel on the market. Giga-Arbor SPEY REELS are designed to balanced perfectly with today's 12-15' spey rods, and sized by the recommended range of grain weights of the line heads for each, that will comfortably fit with at least 150-yds of 30# backing. Specify: Anodized Black or Brushed Silver PLUS Right or Left-Hand retrieve. Lifetime Warranty. Made In USA.

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Nautilus Fwx Reel
Item # NA102

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Nautilus "CCF X2" Fly Reels
Item # NA103

WINNER: Best Of Show - Saltwater Fly Reels... 2013 Fly Tackle Dealer Show

INTRODUCING: NAUTILUS "CCF X2" LARGE ARBOR FLY REELS - The CCF-X2 Disc Braking System is an upgraded, stronger, lighter version of the Cork and Carbon Fiber brake of its predecessor. It features twice the drag surface in a dual action brake configuration. Coupled with hybrid ceramic bearings, the reel delivers less than 1% startup inertia at all drag settings. This brake unit is fully sealed, feather light and can be easily switched from RH to LH retrieve. The over sized CCF-X2 drag knob features the InfinAdjust drag control system: six turns of the drag knob take you from zero to 20+lbs to allow you to precisely adjust your drag tension without fear of over adjusting. GIGA ARBOR DESIGN (G): Reel in more than a foot of line per turn with the 8/10 and 10/12 models! HOOKER: Built-in fly/hook holder on the reel-foot. THE Giga Arbors have redefined large arbor reel design. LAZER ID: A laser etched white spot to the inside of the spool leaves a textured surface that can be written on. Use a thin permanent marker to write on the line weight or any other information you need. If you ever need to change it, wipe it off with alcohol for a blank slate. Quick change spools for easy line changing on the water. Groves in the bottom of the spool let the backing breathe for fast drying. Fully machined from bar-stock aluminum. SPECIFY: Anodized Black or Brushed Silver finish. Lifetime Warranty. Made in USA.
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