Hardy UltraLite Cls Large-Arbor Fly Reels
Item # HY106

HARDY ULTRALITE CLS LARGE-ARBOR FLY REELS - A lightweight, reliable cassette reel with a stunning aesthetic design. CLS stands for Cassette Locking System. This Hardy-designed feature instantly locks/unlocks the spool into place at the flick of a switch, meaning the spool is held securely, but easy to remove. Three polycarbonate spools are included. Also included is the Hardy Line ID system - use the moveable, reusable pins to mark the line type, enough for all three spools. Neater than marker pen, more reliable than stickers, and best of all can be changed when you change your line. The centralized twin Rulon disc drag provides smooth, powerful line control. 6061 bar stock aerospace grade aluminum construction, fully anodized. Tool-less conversion from left to right hand wind. Supplied with Hardy neoprene reel & spool case. Lifetime warranty.

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Hardy Ca Dd Fly Reel
Item # HY109

NEW! HARDY ULTRALITE CA DD ULTRA LARGE-ARBOR FLY REELS combines the legendary strength of Hardy fly reel design with an ultra-large conical arbor giving incredible line pick up and reducing line gains on the longest running fish. The wide ranging advanced fiber composite drag system delivers consistent, smooth braking power and features a 360-degree color coded drag reference around the drag knob. Machined from 6061 aluminum bar stock. Quick change spools. Easy left/right hand conversion. Supremely practical and aesthetically stunning, all reel sizes are available in Titanium. Black available in sizes 3000 thru 7000.
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