Wulff 2-Tone Bermuda Triangle Taper Fly Lines
Item # 437358

WULFF 2-TONE BERMUDA TRIANGLE TAPER FLY LINES - The color changes at the head to alert you to the optimal casting length saving precious seconds by eliminating excess false casts. 30' head. Built to withstand the wilting heat of tropical flats and blistering decks, this line will continue to cast like a rocket when the others have folded up. They're built around a special 16 strand braided monofilament core that stays stiff to deliver blazing casts, even in blazing heat. The finish is also harder and slicker than Wulff's regular saltwater lines, with a slightly bumpy texture that helps facilitate longer casts. Features a tip that can be customized. Works best above 70 degrees fahrenheit but can also be used at lower temperatures. 105' length, with a 30' taper, and a 75' running line. Color is Sand Running Line with Tropic-Blue head. Available in WF6F thru WF13F (6-9 with welded loop in front)
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Wulff Triangle Taper
Item # FD001

LEE WULFF FAMOUS "TRIANGLE-TAPER" WITH J3 TECHNOLOGY Triangle Tapers perform like never before: Shooting better, floating higher, repelling water, and lasting longer. These fly lines have a continuous forward front taper which allows for delicate presentation. PLUS THE FINEST "ROLL-CASTING" LINE AVAILABLE, as heavier line is constantly turning over lighter line. SIZES: TT2F thru TT8F in Colors: (1)Ivory, (2)Orange, (3)Olive. (SPECIFY)
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Wulff 'Ambush' Fly Line
Item # FD002

WULFF 'AMBUSH' FLY LINES Specifically designed to deliver incredible roll-casting performance and spey casts from single-handed and switch rods (overhead casts like a rocket as well). The short, 20-ft. head loads quickly and facilitates a tight, compact D-loop which eliminates the need for a long back-cast. You can actually shoot line with a roll cast! When back-cast room is limited, you'll be able to reach water that other anglers cannot. J3 coating technology coupled with the super-thin diameter running line makes it shoot like it's coming out of cannon... with roll, spey AND OVERHEAD CASTS. Trout, steelhead, salmon and bass fishers delight! Nymph rigs, big streamers, dries and hair-bugs are all thrown with the greatest of ease. Welded loop on tip end for attaching leaders. The Hi-Viz two-tone Aqua-Blue/Yellow color helps you locate the correct loading point for your particular rod. WF4F thru WF8F
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Wulff Triangle Taper Plus Fly Line
Item # FD014

LEE WULFF "TRIANGLE TAPER PLUS" FLY LINES with front welded loops, J3 Floating/Shooting Technology and TRI-D Line Identification System. A half size heavy western style head for quicker loading and shooting. Two tone coloration. Perfect for today's faster action rods. Lt-Olive running line with Ivory head. TT2F thru TT9F
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