Cortland Trout Boss Fly Lines
Item # FJ108

CORTLAND "TROUT BOSS" Floating Fly Lines WITH WELDED LOOPS INSTALLED - Cortland's new premium trout line, featuring a completely new jacket material that utilizes Heat Dissipation Technology (HDT). HDT ensures minimal friction while false casting, improving line speed and distance. The 65-foot tapered head facilitates roll-casting and long mends (perfect while nymphing) and is very controllable and accurate throwing drys in close, or at distance (100' overall length). Matches AFFTA line weights, so it casts beautifully on a wide range of rod "actions". High floating 18" White Dyna-Tip, Moss head and Grey running line. WF3F thru WF8F.
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Cortland Liquid Crystal Fly Lines
Item # FJ109

CORTLAND "LIQUID CRYSTAL" Clear Floating Fly Lines - This is the latest advancement in Cortland's PE+ technology. The clear, multi-polymer blend, which allows the line to be supple and manageable while maintaining an incredibly low co-efficient of friction for outstanding shootability and distance. Core Fusion Technology (CFT) seamlessly joins the high performance PE+ jacket with a special single filament core -- achieving unprecedented strength and durability. Designed inside and out to handle all of the challenges of tropical and warm water fishing. THE ORIGINAL VERSION OF THIS LINE HAS BEEN WILDLY POPULAR IN THE KEYS, this improved version should fish even better (Bob). WF6F thru WF12F.
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