Cleaner and Dressing

Rio Agent-X Cleaner/Dressing
Item # FL001

RIO "AGENT-X" FLY LINE DRESSING This is RIO'S secret fly line formula "in a bottle". They recommend it for all of their floating fly lines. INSTRUCTIONS: Shake well. Apply it to a dry fly line with a soft cloth. Wait 5-minutes and buff with a soft cloth. For optimum performance, wait 24-hours before buffing.
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Scientific Anglers Cleaner/Dresssing
Item # FL003

SCIENTIFIC ANGLERS FLY LINE DRESSING/CLEANER PAD - The dressing is designed for flyline floatability and shootability! The Pad has two sides, a Micro polishing action on one side removes dirt (recommended for all SA lines with AST Slickness built-in) and the softer side applies the dressing. Keeps your SA fly line at peak performance.
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Stanleys Ice Off
Item # FL005

STANLEY'S ICE-OFF is non-toxic anti-freeze paste. Absolutely essential for winter trout and steelhead fly fishers. Apply with finger-tips or cloth to line and guides every 20-30 minutes depending on conditions. Effective to 12 degrees below freezing. We use it, IT WORKS. (1/4-oz)
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Renew Line Cleaning Tool
Item # FL006

RENEW LINE CLEANING TOOL Clean and dress your fly line quickly and completely while you continue fishing! Light-weight, durable ABS Plastic construction. Apply line dressing onto the pads, snap around the rod and wind to clean your line. FREE 1-oz bottle of Renew Line Cleaner is included.
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Renew Extra Line Cleaning Pads
Item # FL007

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Renew Solution
Item # FL008

RENEW SOLUTION Fly Line Cleaner & Conditioner does it all in one step, no buffing required. Formulated with friction reducers, plastic conditioners, UV blockers and a dust repellent so fly lines cast further and last longer. (1-oz bottle)
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The Wonder Cloth
Item # FL009

THE WONDER CLOTH Quickly cleans and refurbishes your fly rod and cork grip to like-new condition. Just wet the cloth, wipe down the rod, then scrub the grip. Years of dirt and grime are removed. Can be laundered up to 100 times and still maintains its effectiveness.
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Airflo Whizz Lube
Item # FL014

AIRFLO "WHIZZ LUBE" Fly Line Cleaner and Treatment - The clever flip top system incorporates the applicator into the tube's cap, making it quick and easy to apply to your fly line, even out on the water. A unique blend of lubricants keeps your line slick and water repellant, adding shootability and keeping your line floating high. Safe to use with all fly line brands.
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