Umpqua Mono Tippet
Item # GG002

UMPQUA STD "MONO" TIPPET MATERIAL always wins or ties the "test tests'. Spools lock together creating their own dispenser "puck". SIZES: (8X = 1.7-lb), (7X = 2.5-lb), (6X = 3.5-lb), (5X = 5-lb), (4X = 6-lb), (3X = 8.5-lb), (2X = 10.7-lb), (1X = 13.5-lb), (0X = 15-lb) $4.25 30-yd spl
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Umpqua Super Fluorocarbon Tippet
Item # GG003

UMPQUA "SUPER FLUOROCARBON" TIPPET MATERIAL w/boosted strength! Near invisible below surface. Unaffected by sunlight. Abrasive resistant. Sinks just below the surface, eliminating glare. Up-size an X-size, and still get hits. SIZES: (7X = 2.5-lb), (6X = 3.5-lb), (5X = 5-lb), (4X = 7-lb), (3X = 8.5-lb), (2X = 11-lb), (1X = 13-lb), (0X = 15-lb) $14.95 30-yd spl
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Umpqua Super Fluorocarbon Leader
Item # GG004

UMPQUA "SUPER FLUOROCARBON" 9-FOOT KNOTLESS TAPERED LEADERS extruded from Umpqua's finest fluorocarbon. SIZES: (6X = 3-lb), (5X = 4-lb), (4X = 5-lb), (3X = 6-lb), (2X = 8-lb)
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Umpqua 9-Foot Trout Leader 3-PAK
Item # GG005

UMPQUA KNOTLESS "TROUT" TAPERED 9-FOOT MONO-LEADERS - 3-PAK have advanced taper design for excellent turn-over and delivery. SIZES: (3x-8.5lb), (4x-6lb), (5x-5lb), (6x-3.5lb) or (7x-2.5lb)
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Umpqua Power Taper Leader
Item # GG006

UMPQUA 9-FOOT KNOTLESS "POWER_TAPER" MONO-LEADERS cast large flies with greater ease and accuracy. Perfect for large dryfly/dropper rigs, big nymphs, streamers and headwinds. SIZES: (2X-10.7lb), (3X-8.5lb), (4X-6lb), (5X-5lb), (6X-3.5lb)
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Umpqua Bonefish Leader
Item # GG007

UMPQUA KNOTLESS "BONEFISH" TAPERED MONO-LEADERS are designed for powerful turnover, accuracy and abrasion resistance when fishing shallow flats. Color is Clear in (A)10-foot or (B)12-foot length in TIPPET SIZES: 8, 10, 12 or 16-lb
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Umpqua 'Czech Nymphing Leader'
Item # GG008

UMPQUA "CZECH NYMPHING" LEADER - Developed by Andy Burk, this 8.5' 4X Leader makes Czech Nymph rigging easy. This 3-fly leader with 2 droppers will have you successfully fishing Andy's BOTTOM ROLLERS and other Czech nymphs in no time. This system is known as the "Trout Vacuum" by all who've tried it.
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Umpqua Red-Hot Power Taper Leaders
Item # GG009

RED HOT Power Taper Leaders by UMPQUA This 10ft leader features a 24" section of vivid NEON RED mono integrated into the rear half of the leader. The first 36" of butt section is matte-milky color, followed by 24" of NEON RED, then 5-feet of clear mono to the front. The two butt-section colors combine to offer the highest visual color contrast and vibrancy of any indicator leader, and a bright visual separation between butt and tippet sections. For high sticking or Euro-nymphing, depth control is visually calibrated with the raising and lowering of the rod butt section five feet above your fly. The RED HOT also acts as a 'gun sight' for tracking the fly in slow or still waters. SIZES: 3X (8.5lb), 4X(6lb), 5X(5lb) and 6X(3.5lb)
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Rob Anderson's Lake Leader
Item # GG010

ROB ANDERSON'S LAKE LEADER designed to simplify deep water nymphing in still waters. 12.5 ft of non-stretch 8-strand spectra fiber allows for accurate hook sets, while the sliding foam indicator allows for accurate depth control in 15+ ft of water. Simply tie tippet to attached swivel, peg the sliding indicator along the pre-marked length of spectra fiber (marked in 1-ft intervals from 3-11 ft). Loop at rear end for attaching to fly line.
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