Frog Hair

Frog Hair Mono Leader
Item # GK320

FROG-HAIR "HIGH PERFORMANCE KNOTLESS TAPERED LEADERS" Made using Gamma's exclusive irradiation process to increase elasticity, knot strength and breaking strength, these leaders are the first available with either a supple or stiff butt section. Both versions have a supple tip to deliver a soft, stealthy turn-over, and a natural, drag-free presentation. The SUPPLE BUTT provides the softest, most delicate overall presentation, while the STIFF BUTT performs better when you need to punch through a wind or when fishing large water with heavier flies. 9.5-foot leaders with perfection loop in butt end. TIPPET SIZES: 0X(13.2-lb), 1X(11-lb), 2X(8.8-lb), 3X(6.6-lb), 4X(5.5-lb), 5X(4.4-lb), 6X(3.3-lb), 7X(2.2-lb). SPECIFY SUPPLE or STIFF BUTT.

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Frog Hair Tippet
Item # GK481

FROG-HAIR "HIGH PERFORMANCE TIPPET MATERIAL" by Gamma Technologies is made from a unique co-polymer nylon that is subjected to an irradiation process that alters the molecular structure of the material. This dramatically increases the suppleness and elasticity of the material while achieving an incredibly high break and knot strength. Spools snap together and dispense neatly. SIZES: 8X(1.8-lb), 7X(2.8-lb), 6X(3.7-lb), 5X(4.9-lb), 4X(6.2-lb), 3X(8.5-lb), 2X(11.1-lb), 1X(13.1-lb), 0X(15-lb). (30 Meter Spool)
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Frog Hair "George Harvey Slack" Leader
Item # GK700

FROG HAIR "GEORGE HARVEY SLACK LEADERS" are KNOTLESS TAPERED 11.5-FOOT Leaders designed to give you maximum "drift time" when fishing heavy, fast waters. Soft and supple, this George Harvey endorsed leader (used with the proper casting technique) lands in a series of S-curves, resulting in the most natural drag free drifts. As a bonus, this leader possess the same strength and shock resistance as all GAMMA/FROG HAIR materials. SIZES: 6X(3.3lb), 5X(4.4lb), 4X(5.5lb).
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Frog Hair Fluorocarbon Tippet
Item # GK861

FROG-HAIR "FLUOROCARBON TIPPET MATERIAL" by Gamma Technologies is run through their exclusive irradiation process which makes the material more flexible and supple, in addition to all of the other benefits of using fluorocarbon (sinks just under the surface and disappears). SIZES: 7X(2.2-lb), 6X(3.3-lb), 5X(4.4-lb), 4X(6.6-lb), 3X(8.8-lb), 2X(10-lb), 1X(11.5-lb), 0X(13.2-lb). (25-meter spool)
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