Nippers and Hemostats

F-C Nippers
Item # HF010

F-C "NIPPERS" - Stainless-steel construction with sharp cutting blades and built-in hook-eye cleaner. Drilled hole for lanyard attachment, or use the supplied bead-chain. (1)Black or (2)Silver/Gold. BEST BUY!
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F-C Standard 5" Locking Forcepts
Item # HF011

F-C STANDARD 5" LOCKING FORCEPTS with BUILT-IN HOOK-EYE CLEANER- Smooth operating, stainless-steel construction, serrated jaws for firm hold. (1)Straight, (2)Curved. BEST BUY
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F-C Dip-Grip Locking Forcepts
Item # HF012

F-C DIP-GRIP 5 1/2" LOCKING FORCEPTS with BUILT-IN HOOK-EYE CLEANER - Ruberized grips make these forceps' even easier to hold on to. Smooth operating, stainless-steel construction, serrated jaws for firm hold. (1)Straight, (2)Curved. BEST BUY
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F-C Mitten-Snip Locking Clamps
Item # HF013

F-C MITTEN-SNIP 5" LOCKING CLAMPS - Great ease of use, with or without gloves on. Non-serrated jaws are great for pinching barbs, mashing split-shot, etc. Built-in scissors for cutting line and trimming yarn indicators.
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Rising "Nippas"
Item # HF014

RISING "NIPPAS" are rubber coated for a great (solid) feel. Every blade is inspected and hand-honed with a diamond file.
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Rilledge Forceps
Item # HF020

RILLEDGE FORCEPS - The revolutionary design of these forceps actually make them feel like a natural extension of your hand, and eliminates the awkward thumbhole. Unique latch system operates with the thumb or forefinger, left or right handed. Jaws automatically spring open to a natural working position. Jaws have flat tips for de-barbing hooks and removing flies (undamaged) from the fish's mouth; the lower half of the jaw is serrated for pinching split-shot, etc. Built-in lanyard loop secures the tool to vest or pack. RILLEDGE FORCEPS conquer every on-stream task, and are even useful at the tying bench. Rotating these forceps 90 degrees gives the precision of tweezers - grabbing beads, hooks, cones, and other small items.

RillEdge Forceps Video
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Streamworks Large-Loop Forceps with Power Jaws
Item # HF021

STREAMWORKS LARGE LOOP FORCEPS WITH POWER JAWS - Patented, stainless steel forceps with large finger loops and unique lateral Power Jaws that provide the clamping power of pliers, eliminating the need to carry two tools. Power Jaws de-barb large and small hooks, crimp split shot, and other items. Larger than standard thumb and XL finger loops accommodate larger hands/gloved hands. 6" forceps aid in holding, de-barbing, removing hooks. Great for crimping large and small split shot and other weights. Combination ribbed and smooth jaw surfaces hold large & small hooks securely. 3-position closure. (1)Platinum, (2)Black
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Streamworks Large-Loop "Scissor Forceps" with Power Jaws
Item # HF022

STREAMWORKS LARGE LOOP SCISSOR FORCEPS WITH POWER JAWS - Patented combo tool with unique Power Jaws that de-barb hooks and have the gripping power of pliers. PLUS built-in scissors, eliminating the need to carry multiple tools. Micro-serrated stainless scissors cut the toughest lines including Dacron and braided line. Large finger loops are great for large hands and/or gloved users. 6" (15cm) stainless steel forceps aid in holding, de-barbing and removing hooks. Great for crimping large split shot and other items. Combination ribbed and smooth jaw surface for gripping large or small hooks. (1)Platinum, (2)Black
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Streamworks Forceps with Power Jaws
Item # HF040

NEW! FORCEPS with POWER JAWS Unique, patented Power Jaws with more mass beneath the hinge provide great leverage and pliers crimping power for de-barbing large hooks. No need to carry two tools for most fishing situations. Half serrated half flat jaws for a perfect combination of flattening and gripping power. 5" long with three-position lock. Stainless steel construction with special jaws that crimp split shot, plus a built-in hook-eye cleaner. COLORS: (A)Black, (B)Gold.
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Streamworks Curved Forceps with Power Jaws
Item # HF041

STREAMWORKS CURVED FORCEPS with POWER JAWS Same 5-inch design as the as the straight-jaw model, but with curved tips making handling and removing smaller hooks and flies easier. Coated black handle.
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Streamworks Scissor-Forceps with Power Jaw
Item # HF042

SCISSOR-FORCEPS with POWER JAWS A 5.5-inch version of the original "straight-jaw" model, with the added feature of stainless-steel scissors with micro serrated edges for cutting mono, Dacron®, braided or gel-spun line. Also very handy for trimming yarn indicators. COLORS: (A)Black, (B)Platinum.
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Streamworks BIG-GAME Power Jaws Scissor-Forceps
Item # HF043

BIG-GAME SCISSOR-FORCEPS with POWER JAWS for fresh/saltwater. Stainless-steel combo tool w/serrated scissors and lateral Power Jaws with the clamping power of pliers. De-barbs hooks, crimps split shot, plus a built-in hook remover. Hardened, micro serrated scissors cut mono, braided & gel-spun lines quickly. Combo ribbed & smooth jaw surfaces hold all hook sizes securely. Open loop handle is great when wearing gloves.
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