Knot Tying

Hatch Knot Tension Tool
Item # HA201

NEW! HATCH KNOT TENSIONING TOOL - The Hatch Knot Tension Tool is the ultimate multi-tool for all anglers. They've added a gas cap opener feature and reduced the overall size for easy carry. A knot tensioner, bottle opener, gas cap opener and ass kicking device all rolled into one.
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C&F 3-1 Nail Knot Pipe
Item # HJ001

3-in-1 NAIL KNOT PIPE has a needle for cleaning a stainless-steel pipe for tying nail knots, and a small magnet for picking flies out of compartment-type boxes. Great gadget! Each C&F box has a place to store this tool in the fly box.
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C&F Extra Threaders
Item # HJ002

EXTRA C&F THREADERS> 4 per pack. Specify Size: STANDARD (Blue) Holds fly sizes #12 thru #18, MIDGE (Pink) Holds fly sizes #20 thru #26, ULTRA-MIDGE (Red) Holds sizes #24 thru #32.
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Ez Tie: Blood Knot Tool
Item # HJ005

EZ-TIE BLOOD KNOT TOOL - Tie blood knots quickly and easily. This small, lightweight, corrosion resistant, precision-made tool makes it so easy, you won't believe it until you see it. Check out the video. Graphic and written instructions are also included. Use this handy tool to attach tippet to leader, or to build an entire tapered leader from butt to tip. Attaches to lanyard with provided ring preventing loss. Aluminum, brass and stainless construction. Made in USA. Lifetime guarantee. 1" x 1" x 3/8"

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20/20 Magnetic Fly Threader
Item # HJ100

"20/20 MAGNETIC FLY THREADER" - The notch with underlying magnet firmly holds the eye of the hook in the groove, aligning it perfectly with the tippet. Works even with the smallest hook sizes.
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Tye Rite Sr
Item # HJ139

TYE-RITE Hangs from your retractor on vest till needed. Push on the top to force out the little hook that grabs the fly at the hook-bend. Poke the tippet thru the hook-eye and use the TYE-RITE to make the five turns of the improved-clinch-knot. Then finish the knot. Nothing else like it!
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Brown Nail Knot Tool
Item # HJ230

BROWN NAIL-KNOT TOOL This is the one I use (Bob). You simply must know how to tye a nail-knot. Comes with easy instructions.
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Magnum Tie Fast Knot Tyer
Item # HJ277

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The Winder Knot Tool
Item # HJ299

"THE WINDER" KNOT TYING TOOL & DVD SET: This ingenious little tool makes rigging a breeze. Tie perfect single and double nail-knots, Albright, surgeons, blood, improved-clinch, arbor knots and more. Perfect dropper-loops, surgeons-loops, and perfection-loops. The Winder makes perfect wrappings by rotating the tool, and clamps on less than a 1/2" of line to tighten knots, no more waste, and no more using your teeth. INSTRUCTIONAL DVD INCLUDED - covers the 12 most important fishing knots.
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Tru Blood Knot Tyer
Item # HJ437

TRU-BLOOD KNOT-TYER Tyes the fastest, most beautiful blood-knots we've ever seen! Most prefer a blood-knot when building knotted leaders. Easy to use. Complete instructions are included. Lifetime warranty.
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Tye Rite Jr
Item # HJ598

TYE-RITE JR Same as Tye-Rite, but with a down-sized "tip" for holding size-16 and smaller flies.
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F-C Cross Locking Tweezers
Item # HJ759

F-C CROSS-LOCK TWEEZERS Open when squeezed, closed when released. You can pick a single hook from a pack of a hundred. Or pick up anything on the bench and hold it till you're ready for it. Drill a hole in the top end of the tool and hang from your vest. Pick out one fly from the box and hold it while you find the end of your tippet. So many uses for this most popular tool.
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