Zingers and Vest Goods

Natural Amadou Patch
Item # HC184

NATURAL AMADOU PATCH The real deal from Europe! Perfect for reviving CDC flies, or any dry pattern. Squeeze the fly between the Amadou pads and water or slime is near instantly removed from the fly. Comes equipped with a D-ring and smart leather holder.
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Power-L Line Nippers
Item # HF186

POWER-L LINE NIPPERSThe unique design fits naturally in your hand to make precision cuts without additional hand rotation to align the cutting blades. Ultra sharp, stainless steel blades easily cut mono from 7x to 125-lbs. Built-in nail knot tool and hook-eye cleaner. Durable swivel for attachment to retractor, vest or pack.
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C&F CFA50MSF 10 Row Patch
Item # HG043

C&F DESIGN FLY BOXES 10-Row Chest Patch #CFA50MSF Thousands Sold! All standard C&F DESIGN boxes have durable, super-lightweight hard plastic shells, and hold both wet and dry flies perfectly. Shirt-pocket sized (3-1/4" x 5" x 1-3/4"). All Dry Fly Compartments are covered by a clear plastic shield to prevent flies from falling or blowing out when opened. Shield is held securely in place by a small magnet, and opens with a small "tab" on top. Slotted Foam Rows work like this: Let the "ribs" be your guide and simply back the fly into a slit, and it will be held tightly in place. Everyone who tries these boxes raves about them!
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The Extra Hand
Item # HJ278

"EXTRA HAND" by Dr. Slick- This is a 2.5" curved cross-lock tweezers that you can hang from a zinger on your vest or pack. Squeeze to open jaws, release it and the jaws close. Use it to pick a fly out of a box, then it holds the fly when you're putting the box away and tying it to the tippet. VERY HANDY TOOL.
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Streamworks "Zinger Plus"
Item # HK100

STREAMWORKS "ZINGER PLUS" High-quality, 36" CORROSION-RESISTANT steel measuring tape (metric scale included, 39mm) that doubles as a convenient retractor for nippers, forceps & tools. Attaches to any D-ring. $9.95
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NEW! Streamworks "Tool Tether" w/ Multi-Fastener
Item # HK101

NEW! STREAMWORKS "TOOL TETHER" with MULTI-FASTENER A unique attachment device that combines the versatility of a "clip-anywhere" multi-fastener w/the convenience of a high quality, memory-free coiled tether. The Tool Tether extends to over 36" and always recoils back to its original length of 5-inches. Great for securing forceps and pliers. Multi-fastener is molded from engineering grade ABS & virtually indestructible. Rubber pads on the clamping jaws secure attachment to all garments, or clips to D-rings, belt loops, backpacks, tackle boxes etc. Swivel clip rotates 360 for added flexibility. $9.95
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Item # HK104

NEW! MINI "CAMERA RETRACTOR" Ideal way to have your camera at hand for capturing that big catch or special moment, while preventing dropping it in the drink. 28 nylon coated stainless-steel cable. 9-oz retraction force, 60-lb breaking strength. Velcro strap mounts to any loop.
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Large Gear Keeper
Item # HK162

LARGE "HIGH-FORCE" GEAR KEEPER retracts nets on back of vest or float-tube, wading staffs or flashlights. 42" Nylon Line with Kevlar Core! 12-ounce retraction force, 80-lb break strength! Locks closed when not in use.
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Item # HK163

NEW! "ULTIMATE ZINGER" GEAR KEEPER 36-INCH REACH, 40# break strength, saltwater proof, snap clips to any D-ring or loop. Quick Connect (QC) end - easily disconnect tools for quick interchange.
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Simms Retractor
Item # HK164

NEW! SIMMS RETRACTOR - Improved injection molded retractor tube with stainless steel pin. PE coil extends up to 2-feet.
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Orvis Magnetic Net Holder
Item # HK300

ORVIS "MAGNETIC NET HOLDER" Eliminates Fumbling Behind Your Back. The magnets allow the two halves to snap together instantly. MAGNETS WILL JUMP 2-INCHES TO CONNECT. These magnets have 5-POUNDS of straight pull for good holding strength. Both ends have solid brass split key ring attachments, one for vest D-ring, the other to attach to net. Bungee lanyard included. GREAT.
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Loon Bottoms Up Caddy
Item # HK344

BOTTOMS-UP CADDY Hangs AQUEL or brand-x liquid fly floatant up-side-down from D-ring or vest pocket by a sturdy metal clip. (floatant sold separately)
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