Catch and Release Tools

Stainless Steel Fish Grips
Item # 377933

STAINLESS STEEL FISH GRIPS with sheath and tool tether by Streamworks are made from high grade stainless steel. The jaws close to 1/8 inch, and the 7.5 inch length is prefect for keeping fingers and hand away from fish’s mouth. Precision spring loaded jaws keep the tool open for quick and easy use.
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Crocodile Complete Fishing Tool
Item # HF655

CROCODILE CLICK-LOCK COMPLETE FLY FISHING TOOL by Rising. Custom "Croc" jaws (teeth) are magnetic to easily hold small flies, and the grooves allow for a secure hold on all hooks. Circular opening protects fly bodies from the jaws when they are being removed from a fish or a snag. The FLAT middle part of the jaws make a great de-barber. The back GROOVED section of the jaws are great to grab & crimp split-shot. The very back of the jaws have super-sharp blades for all types of mono. Croc's are 6", machined & hand-lathed from AISI 420 stainless steel, with rubber-coated easy-grip handles. New INTERNAL SPRING opens the tool wider and is incredibly smooth.
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Revive Fish Scale
Item # HK106

NEW! REVIVE FISHING SCALE Designed to deliver fast, accurate weight readings, and to promote a fish friendly release process. Weigh your fish right in the net without ever handling it. Just tare (calibrate to zero) the scale with your net attached. When you land a fish in your net, attach the scale to the net and in a mere second the scale will beep and give you an accurate weight in lbs or kg. Fits inside one hand or can be lifted with both hands for bigger fish. Weighs up to 100 lbs. Water resistant.
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"UnHookUm" Fish Hook Remover
Item # HL230

NEW! "UnHookUm" FISH HOOK REMOVER - One amazing little tool. It's simple, quick and easy to use PLUS extends the life of the fly. Remove hooks from tiny size-20's all the way up to size-1/0 with the same tool. Works equally as well with barbed and barbless hooks. Doesn't require a lot of force, and takes only a few fish to become a pro using it. Comfort grip handle, sturdy construction w/stainless steel tip & neck lanyard.

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Ketchum Release Tool
Item # HL232

KETCHUM-RELEASE "HOOK-REMOVERS" are the ultimate in convenience for catch and release fly fishers. By sliding this tool down the leader tippet, we can quickly "back-out" the hook with a simple tap. NO DAMAGE to fish, or fly. No need for a net or hemostat. Keep hands and gloves dry. Strong molded carbon-fiber construction weighs nothing. Now the favorite of 1000s and 1000s of catch-and-release fly-fishers. Unconditional Lifetime Warranty.
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Ketchum Release Combo
Item # HL461

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Lippa4Life "Special Blend" Catch & Release Tool
Item # HL501

LIPPA4LIFE "SPECIAL BLEND" CATCH & RELEASE TOOL: Works just like the aluminum version. Dylan calls this one "Special Blend" because he spent over a year combining and tweaking different composites before figuring out the perfect blend to build it with. It incorporates the same smooth internal spring and stainless-steel fasteners as the aluminum version, it's unbelievably lightweight (2.35-oz), stronger than necessary, and MADE IN USA. Machined tolerances maintain the 1/8" gap with the jaws in the closed position to protect fish. Rounded corners will not hurt the fish. It's so sweet; Dylan says he's ashamed he didn't develop it sooner.
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Aluminum Lippa Tool Complete Rig
Item # HL794

ALUMINUM LIPPA TOOL COMPLETE RIG - Package includes the Machined Aluminum Lippa Tool (specify color), Cordura Holster, Coil Leash, Diamond Hook File and your choice or either the Crocodile Tool or Work Pliers. SPECIFY: (A)With Crocodile Tool, (B)With Work Pliers $149.95
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Lippa4Life "Special Blend" Complete Rig
Item # HL795

LIPPA4LIFE "SPECIAL BLEND" COMPLETE RIGS Package includes the Special-Blend Lippa Tool, Cordura Holster, Coil Leash, Diamond Hook File and your choice or either the Crocodile Tool or Work Pliers. SPECIFY: (A)With Crocodile Tool, (B)With Work Pliers $84.95
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Coil Leash For Lippa Tools
Item # HL796

COIL LEASH for Lippa Tools or other items you might carry. Very handy.
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Lippa Cordura Holster
Item # HL816

LIPPA CORDURA NYLON HOLSTER Dual pocket design allows you to carry a second tool in front. Spring lanyard included.
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Lippa Usa C&R Tool
Item # HL977

LIPPA USA CATCH & RELEASE TOOLS ARE TROUT SAFE! Lippa USA is now slightly larger for easier handling, and machined in the USA from aircraft grade aluminum with a Type-3 hard anodized finish. Rounded edges throughout make this new LIPPA TOOL completely fish friendly for salt or freshwater species - including trout. A new internal spring keeps the jaws open (at the ready). Operation is butter smooth. So easy to carry, 8-inches long, WEIGHS A MERE 4-OUNCES!! LIPPA's minimally intrusive arms securely hold the lower jaw of any fish. Jaws leave a 1/8" gap in the closed position insuring a healthy release. The tips of the jaws are rounded and enlarged to prevent slippage, and the overall shape accommodates all mouth styles. A large hole for lanyard attachment. COLORS: (1)Black, (2)Red, (3)Blue, (4)Orange.
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